3D Printing Service

The LaGuardia Studio 3D Print Service offers a range of advanced 3D printing technologies and material options, giving clients the ability to design and produce work through Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes.

2 3-D printed heads

The LaGuardia Studio offers years of extensive 3D printing and pipeline development expertise to university students, faculty, research scientists, engineers, medical and health care professionals, designers, artists, entrepreneurs and professionals alike who are interested in visualization, prototyping, tooling, or fabricating customized and creative end-use production.

Please let us know about your upcoming project needs and we will be happy to determine the best 3D print technology and material options to suit your production goals and budget.

3D Printers

Payment Terms 

Turnaround Policy 

3D Print Service Client Responsibilities

Clients are responsible for the development and preparation of their project’s 3D content. Clients are additionally responsible for project readiness, which includes the organization of project details, direction and objectives. Clients must articulate special requirements for job orders that include unique project conditions, end-use information, critical time frames and formatting considerations.

Change orders occurring after job order submission but prior to printing, may increase job order cost, delay print production turn-around or result in the cancellation of the job order. Change orders occurring after completion of printing require payment in full for the original order and a submission of a new job order with a new corresponding charge fee.