Summer 2022 LaGuardia Studio Access Updates
As part of the effort to keep the NYU community healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, the LaGuardia Studio has modified their visitation policy and hours of operation.

The LaGuardia Studio (LGS) is NYU's cutting-edge resource for 3D printing, 3D scanning, and design consultation. Studio staff have collaborated with researchers, medical professionals, engineers, faculty, students, artists and entrepreneurs on projects that span almost every field of study.

LGS staff are recognized for their expertise and skill in every aspect of additive manufacturing and 3D digitization. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, whether you have a concept in mind or simply want to explore the potential of 3D scanning and printing, LaGuardia Studio is ready to put the very best people and equipment at your fingertips.

The LaGuardia Studio services are for those within or affiliated with the New York University community. Please refer to the individual LGS Service pages for specifications and procedure instructions as they relate to each service.

Summer 2022 LaGuardia Studio Access Updates

  • Operating Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm ET.
  • The LaGuardia Studio returns to in-person appointments for spring 2022.
  • The Green NYU Daily Screener Pass will be required for facility entry and all in-person appointments as proof of NYU’s Covid-related compliances.
  • The LaGuardia Studio will continue to offer remote appointments and curbside access.
  • Remote consultations will be conducted via NYU Zoom. To schedule an appointment, please email or call 212-998-3454.
  • Curbside pickup and drop-off can be scheduled for outside the LaGuardia Studio.
  • Upon arrival, call 212-998-3454.
  • Wait in the designated curbside service area for a LaGuardia Studio staff member.
  • For more detailed information, see Service Updates and Pickup Procedures.