NYU supports high performance computing (HPC) and networking for researchers and scholars whose work is computer-intensive. 

The service includes shared cycles on several high performance clusters equipped with a variety of research software packages, and the option to purchase additional storage beyond standard allocation.

High Performance Computing Clusters
NYU offers access to a number of high performance clusters, both in New York and Abu Dhabi. For detailed information on each cluster, including information on reserving time, please see the pages for each cluster on the HPC Support Site.

Consultation and Workshops
NYU's HPC team offers workshops and one-on-one consultation sessions for researchers interested in HPC resources. For more information on workshops and sessions, please see Training Offerings on the HPC Support Site. To schedule a one-on-one consultation session, send email to the HPC team

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More Information

Visit the HPC Support Site's page about using Globus.


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