Security Awareness

NYU's Office of Information Security is here to provide you with tips and tutorials on how to protect yourself and your information online. Explore the links below, sign up for our IT Security News and Alerts blog, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and download our security flyer and screensavers.

Security Awareness Tips

Whaling scams attempt to dupe executives through forged communications. When in doubt, confirm by phoning the sender.

Don't get duped through forged communications.

Spear phishing email scams use info you've posted online to trick you into thinking it's from a trusted friend or business. Limit and protect what you share online!

Limit and protect what you share online!

A series of tips, including use 12+ long passwords with special characters, capital letters and numbers; use a unique password for each account; change your passwords regularly, and do not share or reuse your passwords.

Print and post our password best practices flyer

Do not share your passwords, and do not write them down for others to discover. Remember, NYU IT will never ask for your credentials!

Keep your passwords private and protected

Phishing messages are designed to steal sensitive credentials or install malware. They can come via emails, text messages, phone calls, or social media updates.

Be on the lookout for phishing messages.

Be suspicious of anyone requesting sensitive data including login credentials, account numbers, and social security numbers. Report suspected social engineering scams to

Recognize and report social engineering scams

Illegal downloading is a copyright infringement and a violation of federal law. The NYU Office of Information Security follows up with suspected infringers who download illegally using NYU-NET.

Illegal downloading is a copyright infringement

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