Introducing NYU LMS (Brightspace)

The NYU Learning Management System (Brightspace) is NYU’s new digital learning platform, and will replace NYU Classes in 2021. Follow the links below to get started.

Refer to the FAQs to find out when you are moving to NYU LMS.

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Getting Started

To get started with NYU LMS, refer to the following Quick-Start guide, which covers overall system navigation, notification / general preferences, and course access:

For more information about these features, see the following NYU Servicelink articles:

To learn more about tools, capabilities, and more training opportunities, visit one of the following:

Reusing NYU Classes Content in NYU LMS

If you are a faculty member and would like to reuse existing NYU Classes content within NYU LMS (Brightspace), this content will be easily accessible within the new system. NYU IT will be automatically transitioning NYU Classes courses from 2019-forward to NYU LMS. You will be able to reference this content to copy materials into your current or future course offerings. A self-service tool is also available in NYU Classes to migrate course content to NYU LMS.

Visit the Reusing NYU Classes Content page to learn more.

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NYU IT Service Desk is available 24x7. Please email if not urgent.

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