Follow these recommended steps to prepare for the new semester. This information is intended for a general audience. For specific policies or guidelines, contact your school/departmental administrators.  

  • Activate (set up) your course site.
    Find “Set Up Course Site” in your “Home” tab in NYU Classes ( It’s best to set up one site at a time. Here’s how: NYU Classes: Setting up your course site.
  • Customize your course navigation menu.
    Go to the “Settings” tool and select “Add/Edit” tools to only display the tools you intend to use. You can reorder the menu items through the “Tool Order” tab. Here’s how: NYU Classes: Managing Site Tools.
  • Import content from a previous course site.
    If you want to reuse content from previous semesters, refer to the “Import From Site” checklist.
  • Check your roster.
    Add participants (e.g. a Course Site Administrator or Teaching Assistant) by selecting the “Settings” tool and then the “Add Participants” tab.
  • Share your syllabus.
    Select the “Syllabus” tool and then select “Add” to upload your syllabus file or write it in the rich text editor. Watch our Syllabus Overview video to learn how: NYU Classes: Syllabus Overview.
  • Preview your site as a student.
    Look for the “View Site As” drop-down menu at the top of your course site. Select “student” to get a feel for what students will see.
  • Publish your course site.
    Once you are ready for students to access your course site, click the “Publish” link at the top of your site.
  • Send a “welcome” announcement.
    Post an announcement before the first day of class to greet your students and share important information. Watch the NYU Classes Communication Overview video to learn how to add an announcement: NYU Classes: Communications Overview