Prepare Your New Site

  • Ensure your current site is created.
    To create the site, select “Set up Course Site” in the “Home” tab in NYU Classes.
  • Leave your new site unpublished.
    This enables you to work “behind the scenes" in your course site before students sneak a peek!
  • Make sure your course menu matches.
    If you want to import Tests & Quizzes or other tools that are not part of your new course navigation menu (left-hand side), go to “Settings” and select “Add/Edit Tools” to add them before you import any content.

Copy (Import) from Your Previous Site

  • As a best practice, merge content.
    Navigate to “Settings” in your current site and select “Import From Site” along the top. Use the “merge" option to prevent losing any work you’ve already done in your new site.
  • Select your previous course site.
    All your previous course sites will be listed. We recommend selecting one site from which you want to copy content.
  • Select your tools and finish the import.
    All of the content from each tool that you select will be imported to your current site; you can always remove content afterward.

Review and Publish Your New Site

  • Change dates and publish/post items.
    By default, all Announcements, Assignments, Forums, and Messages will be in “draft mode" after the import. You will need to manually update any data-related fields in all tools.
  • Clean up and publish your course site.
    Review your site and delete any duplicated or unnecessary items (e.g. in Lessons and Resources). By default, all content and tools are visible to students, so make sure to hide items as needed. When you’re finished, publish your site.
  • Send a welcome announcement to help your students get oriented.
    Students don't receive any email notifications when you publish your course site.