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Below you can find information on current and upcoming enhancements for NYU Classes, which provide the NYU community with improved functionality and usability in the system. See below:

Currently Available in NYU Classes

NYU faculty can request access to pilots or integrations by completing this NYU ServiceLink form.

Content Accessibility Assistant

An add-on feature available everywhere you can add rich-text content in NYU Classes. This assistant allows you to check your rich-text content for common accessibility issues and provides "Quick Fix" remediations to help make your content in NYU Classes compliant with NYU’s Digital Accessibility requirements.

See the ServiceLink knowledge base for more information about the Content Accessibility Assistant.

Course Wall

A simple, social network-style feed of posts that displays on the “Overview” landing pages of an NYU Classes course site.
Note: the availability of the Course Wall in your NYU Classes site is determined by your School's site template.

Google Drive Integration - Pilot

The Google Drive integration in NYU Classes will allow faculty members to browse through and select Google Drive content to add to their course site’s Resources tool. Built-in permissioning will allow faculty to share this content with the members of their site, or specific sections/groups therein.

Conversation Platform - Pilot

A new tool designed to facilitate different types of conversational interactions within an NYU Classes site. Instructors will be able to set up multiple types of topics within the tool, tailoring the conversation to their needs.

Roster Tool Enhancements- Pilot

Within the Roster tool, a new feature will be available to pilot:

  • Official Photos - within the Roster tool, instructors will have the option of toggling between the default user-uploaded photos for members of their course site, or their official SIS photos.

Learning Analytics

The Learning Analytics Dashboards involves the use of student data from the classroom and online environments to help Faculty answer questions about curriculum quality, effective pedagogy, student success, and other important goals.

Emerging Technology Pilots

The NYU IT Emerging Technology group provides support for pilots and integrations offered within the NYU Classes service. NYU faculty can request access to pilots or integrations by completing this NYU ServiceLink form.

Current Pilots

Chalk & Wire Integration

The Chalk & Wire Integration is anticipated to launch in fall 2019. The Chalk & Wire Integration will be offered through a partnership with the Online Programs division of NYU Wagner School of Public Service. The Chalk & Wire Integration will be open to specific courses in Wagner Online Programs. More information about Chalk & Wire for Wagner Online Programs can be found in NYU ServiceLink.

Course Networking Integration

The CourseNetworking Integration is offered through a partnership with the NYU School of Professional Studies (SPS). The Course Networking Integration is open to specific courses at SPS. More information about CourseNetworking can be found in NYU ServiceLink.

Google Assignments Tool (BETA)

A pilot test of the beta Google Assignments tool, also known as Google Course Kit, is currently underway in order to evaluate the Google Assignments tool as an assignment or course activity tool. The Google Assignments tool allows instructors to accept Google Drive documents and files from students, provide in-line feedback, grade, and pass the documents back to students. It includes the familiar Google Drive interface and can be integrated with NYU Classes for grade passback. The Google Assignments Tool (BETA) Pilot is currently available to all faculty. More information about The Google Assignments Tool (BETA) Pilot can be found in NYU ServiceLink.

Gradescope Integration, planned for fall 2019

Gradescope allows instructors to create and grade paper-based and online assessments with an integration through NYU Classes. The Gradescope Integration is open to all faculty. More information can be found in NYU ServiceLink.

TopHat Enhanced Integration

TopHat is a school pilot currently underway and offered through a partnership with NYU College of Dentistry. The NYU Classes team will be upgrading the TopHat integration within NYU Classes for courses starting in fall 2019. The TopHat enhanced integration will be open to faculty at the NYU College of Dentistry. More information about TopHat can be found in NYU ServiceLink.

Zoom Pilot, completed in spring 2019

The Zoom is available to faculty, staff, and students. Accounts will be automatically provisioned by logging in at nyu.zoom.us and the Zoom tool is available in NYU Classes under the Add/Edit Tools menu for courses. See the SericeLink knowledge base for more information about Zoom.

Completed Pilots

Course Reserves, completed in spring 2019

The Course Reserves Pilot was completed in spring 2019 and has transitioned from a pilot to an integration in NYU Classes. The Course Reserves tool is a partnership with NYU Libraries to allow instructors and students to directly access the Course Reserves system from a course site in NYU Classes. See the ServiceLink knowledge base for more information about Course Reserves.

Cerego, completed in spring 2019

The Cerego Pilot is expected to transition from pilot to a service for faculty in the College of Dentistry in summer 2019. See the ServiceLink knowledge base for more information about Cerego.

Upcoming Pilots & Integrations

Poll Everywhere Pilot, planned for early spring 2020

The Poll Everywhere Pilot is anticipated to launch during the spring 2020 semester, pending completion of vendor on-boarding and contracts. The purpose of the pilot is to evaluate the effectiveness of Poll Everywhere as a student response tool. Poll Everywhere allows instructors to create polls that can be presented through PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. Poll Everywhere does not require any additional hardware for the instructor or student, and responses can be submitted via a laptop, desktop, mobile device application, or via text messaging. Poll Everywhere is currently working on an integration for NYU Classes. The Poll Everywhere Pilot will be open to all faculty.

High-Stakes Testing, pending outcome of the LMS Evaluation

The High-Stakes Testing Pilot is currently on hold, pending the outcome of the LMS Evaluation. The High-Stakes Testing Pilot will evaluate tools for use cases involving exams or tests that require advanced features such as computer lock-down, blind grading, collaborative grading, integration with NYU Classes, and other features.