Enhancements Roadmap

A group of colleagues reviewing a plan

Below you can find information on current and upcoming enhancements for NYU Classes, which provide the NYU community with improved functionality and usability in the system. More information regarding these enhancements is available below:

To request pilot access to any of the current or upcoming NYU Classes integrations, please contact nyu-classes-pilots-group@nyu.edu.

2017 Enhancements

NYU Classes now features an updated, cleaner user interface, as well as a number of enhancements to existing tools. Watch the following brief video for an overview:

For information about the latest features and enhancements in NYU Classes, see the Overview article in the NYU ServiceLink knowledge base..

New and Improved Gradebook

NYU Classes now features a New Gradebook tool. Developed in response to faculty feedback, the New Gradebook delivers significant usability improvements, centered around a new spreadsheet-style interface. For a brief overview, watch the following video:  

Features in the New Gradebook include:

  • Spreadsheet-style grade entry, with automatic saving of scores
  • Enhanced grade statistics
  • Improved student grade summary views
  • A simplified and consolidated import/export process

For more information, see the New Gradebook Guide in the ServiceLink knowledge base.

Tool Pilots

The following tools are available to faculty and students as limited pilots:

Faculty can request pilot access to current/upcoming integrations by contacting nyu-classes-pilots-group@nyu.edu.

Attendance Tool

A native attendance-tracking tool in NYU Classes that allows instructors to quickly and easily mark attendance via paper-based/electronic attendance sheets, with automatic Gradebook syncing.

Attendance overview

Cengage MindTap

A mobile-friendly content delivery/analytics platform for Cengage Learning content.

Cengage MindTap screenshot


An adaptive learning platform designed to reinforce learning objectives and content over time, maximizing students' retention of course material.

Screenshot of Cerego interface in NYU Classes


A content delivery and assessment platform designed to facilitate student engagement while providing an easy-to-use case study marketplace for instructors to add content to their course's curriculum. Watch this brief overview video:

Google Groups and Google Drive

The integration with Google Groups and Google Drive will provide instructors with the ability to easily create Google Groups based on rosters from their course sites.

As a site's membership changes with adds and drops, the corresponding Google Group’s membership will be automatically kept in sync.

This Google Group functionality allows for Google Drive content (Docs, Presentations, Sheets) to be easily shared with the members of an NYU Classes course site. The sharing permissions for these files automatically mirrors the membership of the site itself. Watch this brief overview video.

  • Fall 2017 - Pilot
  • Spring 2018 - Broad rollout


A visually-based discussion tool that allows users to post multimedia threads using a combination of audio/webcam recordings, video annotation, text, and more. Watch this brief overview video:


A synchronous video conferencing tool that provides in-session polling and breakout sessions to facilitate student learning.


NYU Bookstore (Fall 2017)

The NYU Bookstore tool allows instructors to search for and select course resources, which students can purchase and access directly through the tool.

Torsh TALENT (Limited Pilot - Fall 2017)

A tool used to capture, annotate, upload and store private, secure classroom videos.

NYU Stream (Tentative Spring 2018)

The University's video streaming service, NYU Stream, provides users with the ability to upload, record via webcam, manage, and share videos. The new integration will provide more seamless access to NYU Stream content from within NYU Classes.

NYU Stream