Tech Savvy series

What is Tech Savvy?

The NYU Tech Savvy Series is a set of short (20-30 minute) e-learning modules available in NYUiLearn, designed to introduce the NYU faculty and staff to important technology tools and resources.

Who is NYU Tech Savvy for?

Tech Savvy introduces faculty and administrators to NYU's teaching and learning resources through eLearning modules focused on video and web conferencing, tools for productivity, Qualtrics, individual technology security, and tools for file storage and sharing. Two intermediate courses, NYU Classes and NYU Web Publishing, will also be released.

What will NYU Tech Savvy teach me?

Just a few of the many topics covered in the NYU Tech Savvy modules are outlined below. In addition, you will learn how to access or to guide someone to access each of these tools and how to find additional help online or in person.

How do I become Tech Savvy?

To access the Tech Savvy modules:

  1. Log into the NYUHome Work page at with your NYU NetID and password.
  2. Scroll to and click the NYUiLearn Login button to launch NYUiLearn in a separate window.
  3. From the NYUiLearn home page, enter "Tech Savvy" in the "Search for a Course" box
  4. On the page that opens, click Enroll next to your desired course.
  5. Click Open then Launch to enter the course.
Individual Technology Security
  • Learn about computer security at NYU and how to secure your computer and phone from common attacks, such as a phishing scam
NYU Classes
  • Get to know the key capabilities of the NYU Classes service, including:
    • Activating a course
    • Modifying your default tools
    • Using Assignments and other optional tools
NYU Classes (Intermediate)
  • Learn more about the key uses of the gradebook, lessons, group, tests/quizzes functions when building and organizing a course in NYU Classes.
NYU Classroom Technology
  • Best practices when using classroom technology before a class begins and during the class, including some basic troubleshooting
NYU Google Apps
  • Learn about the tools that make up Google Apps and how they can be used to support colleagues and community members:(including Email, Calendar, Drive, Groups, as well as Chat & Hangouts)
NYU Stream
  • Learn how to access and use key capabilities of NYU Stream, including:
    • Uploading media
    • Recording via webcam
    • Creating and managing channels and playlists
NYU Survey Service
  • Create and administer web-based surveys for research, teaching, and administrative needs.
NYU Web Publishing
  • Learn about and use key features of NYU Web Publishing technology such as:
    • Creating a Web Page and adding content to it
    • Customizing menus
    • Using iframes, media and widgets
NYU Web Publishing (Intermediate)
  • Learn how to manage media, organize content, and create a site most efficiently. Coming Soon!
Productivity Tools
  • Get familiar with tips, tricks, and recommended practices for the various capabilities of NYU Drive and Microsoft Office in academic and administrative contexts.
Tools for File Storage
  • Gain an understanding of the current file storage and sharing tools available at NYU and their key functions.
Video and Web Conferencing
  • Learn about the common types of video and web conferencing tools and what they are used for at NYU and the differences between them.