Digital Accessibility is Everyone's Responsibility

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What is Digital Accessibility?

Digital accessibility is the practice of ensuring that NYU websites, web content, and web applications can be used by our community members who have a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight or cognitive abilities.  Our community may:

  • use assistive technologies such as screen reader software or braille devices, or
  • use their keyboards only (no mouse) to interact with the web, or
  • need websites and content to have sufficient color contrast for clarity, or
  • use captions for videos

Creating websites, web application and digital content with these in mind can create a more inclusive environment where all can learn, teach, and work.

In February 2017, the NYU Website Accessibility Policy was announced to the NYU community. This policy covers websites, web content, and web applications. Click here to read the policy.

Tip of the Month

Instagram now offers a way to create alternative text. When adding a photo, choose the Advanced Settings option and then under the Accessibility section, choose Write Alt Text. The alt text won't show up in the caption for the photo, but it will be read out loud if the individual is using a screen reader.

It is still best practice to use the "Write a caption" area to provide as much descriptive text as possible.  

Read Instagram’s Help Documentation.

Social Media Accessibility

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Ways People Access Content


Have you ever wondered what it's like for users who rely on technology to navigate digital content? Watch this short film that features a technology user who is visually impaired discussing why digital content that is accessible is so important and how content can be designed so that everyone can access it.

Digital Accessibility Checklist

When creating content that is accessible there are many different things to keep in mind. Websites, documents, audio, and video are just a few areas that should be considered when creating content that is accessible to everyone.

Check out this helpful checklist that talks about some common digital accessibility issues and how they can be fixed.

Key Dates and Compliance

NYU is committed to meet the federal guidelines called the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA. These guide developers, content creators, user experience designers, and others to make web content and services accessible.

Since January 2018, NYU schools and departments have been working hard to move NYU’s web presence into greater conformity with WCAG 2.0 standards. Digital content creators across campus have made significant progress.

Resources, Training, and Updates