Your NYU Password

I forgot my password!

Don’t worry—it happens to all of us. That’s why we made it easy to reset your password on the NYU Start Page. From there, click Reset Password, and you’ll be guided through the steps to verify your identity and pick a new password.

What if I know my password but want to change it?

If you know your password but want to change it because it’s about to expire, or as a security precaution anytime, go to the NYU Start Page, click Log In, log in, and then click Change NetID Password.

What if my password expired?

If you didn’t see the password expiration emails in time (everyone at NYU has to pick a new password once a year), and your password has expired, you can set a new one on the NYU Start Page by clicking Reset Password.

New password all set? Remember to update it wherever it’s saved!

Once you’ve set your new password, be sure to update anywhere you may need to, such as in your device’s NYU Wi-Fi setup, browser settings, or other password managers. An outdated password is one of the most common issues that prevents people from connecting to NYU Wi-Fi.


How do I connect to NYU-Wi-Fi?

You can find instructions for connecting to NYU Wi-Fi on the NYU Wi-Fi support page.

Where can I connect to NYU Wi-Fi?

NYU Wi-Fi is available in almost every NYU location.

Please note: Wi-Fi uses radio signals, so you may pick up NYU Wi-Fi in places it’s not officially offered, such as on the street outside of an NYU building or in a nearby park, which may result in a slow or unstable connection. We do our best to limit the signal to where it’s supposed to be, but unfortunately, that’s not always possible.

How do I get my gaming or streaming device online?

If you’re in an NYU residence hall, you can connect a gaming, streaming, or other smart device via Ethernet or the nyu-media Wi-Fi network. Instructions are in the NYU ServiceLink knowledge base. Note: not all smart devices are supported for NYU networks.

How do I "forget" a network so my device stops connecting to the wrong thing?

Devices will grab whatever Wi-Fi network is nearby, even if it's not the best or the one you want. The best way to prevent this from happening and to make sure you're connecting to NYU Wi-Fi is to follow these instructions for forgetting a network.

I think I’m having a Wi-Fi issue. What should I do?

If you’re having trouble connecting to NYU Wi-Fi, the most common way to resolve the issue is by resetting your Wi-Fi connection. To do so, forget or remove the “nyu” network, restart your device, and then reconnect to the “nyu” network with your current NYU NetID and password.

If you’re still running into an issue, you may need to reset your password on the NYU Start Page.

Sometimes, what looks like a Wi-Fi issue might be something else. Some of the most common issues misidentified as Wi-Fi connectivity issues include:

  • There was a typo when entering your password.
  • You’re connected to a slow or resource-intensive app or website, such as Netflix, when a popular new show has been released.
  • You’re trying to access a popular app or website, such as a news site, during a period of intense usage.
  • You’re not actually connected to NYU Wi-Fi. Smart devices can be dumb, latching onto any network in range that you’ve connected to before. This means you could be in an NYU Wi-Fi location but connected to a less-stable public Wi-Fi. Check your device’s settings to confirm you’re using the “nyu” network (see the Download article, Navigating Wireless SSIDs, for more info on NYU’s Wi-Fi networks).

Multi-Factor Authentication and Duo Push

How do I set up NYU MFA and Duo Push?

Using the Duo Push option in the Duo Mobile app is the fastest and most flexible way to use NYU Multi-Factor Authentication. NYU IT recommends that everyone use it. Find out how to install the Duo Mobile app and set up Duo Push in the ServiceLink knowledge base.

OK, I have MFA and Duo Push set up. Now what?

Once you have MFA set up with Duo Push as your default method, using it to authenticate your NYU login is easy.

I don’t have my MFA device anymore. Now how do I log in?

If the device you used to set up NYU MFA has been lost or stolen, contact the NYU IT Service Desk. They’ll be able to remove the device from your account and help you set up a new one. If you got a new device and want to make it your default MFA device (and remove the old one), follow these instructions.