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NYU IT offers a variety of services required by technical staff in support of their mission to provide and manage IT and the IT infrastructure at the University. This includes configuring and maintaining secure login information, provisioning NetIDs, and implementing protective security measures like firewalls and secure connections to web servers.

See below for a full list of NYU IT-supported services that are available for use by NYU technical staff. For a more general overview of staff resources, including information for new staff, and links to some of the most popular NYU IT services for staff, see the Staff page of this site. For assistance with any of the below services, contact the IT Service Desk.

Cloud Compute, Storage, and Platform Services

This service provides access and resources to build cloud-based, on-demand servers, storage, and serverless architecture. This service is available through our cloud providers, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Target Audience

NYU system administrators and technical staff

Locations Offered

Paris, Madrid, Sydney, Florence, New York City, Accra, Abu Dhabi, Prague, London, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Dublin, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Washington, DC

How to Request this Service

Cloud services are created upon request. Use the form below to initiate your request.


Calculated based upon the request.

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