Security Awareness Training helps NYU employees to steer clear of scams such as phishing emails, social engineering, and other online risks, which may lead to identity theft, monetary loss, loss of data, ransomware installation, and more. Raising each person’s cybersecurity awareness increases each person’s cyber-resilience and the safety of NYU’s data, systems, and assets. This training is powered by KnowBe4 and is available on request by schools and departments.


As various technologies have improved security, attackers have pivoted to 'hacking the human' to bypass technical defenses. NYU IT’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training is being made available to schools/units beginning in 2021.

KnowBe4 training explains cybersecurity best practices, including tips for working from home. Below are a few of the themes featured in the trainings:

Safeguard your online identity and passwords.

Limit the information you share on social media.

Be part of NYU's human firewall.

About Cybersecurity Awareness Training