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Below, you can browse the software available at each NYU IT location as well as review additional software resources.

For a complete list of software and applications, see the Software Library.

LaGuardia Co-op, 3rd Avenue, and Kimmel

The LaGuardia Co-op and Third Avenue Student Technology Center feature both Mac and Windows computers. The Kimmel Student Technology Center offers dual-boot Macs. For more information on any of these locations, including addresses, access and eligibility information, and hours of operation, see the Student Technology Centers page.

Locations within LaGuardia Co-op

In addition to the software on the public computers listed above, the LaGuardia Co-op offers students a Computer Classroom equipped with Mac and Windows computers, and a Mac-only Production Suite.

Locations within Bobst Library

NYU IT maintains two locations at Bobst Library in partnership with the NYU Libraries. Data Services offers access to specialty software packages for statistical analysis, geographic information systems (GIS), and qualitative data analysis. The Digital Studio provides tools and training for multimedia capture, production, and publication for audio, video, and images using various editing and delivery tools and platforms, as well as file storage and management.

Online Software

Additional Software Resources

Useful Third-Party Software

In addition to software offered by NYU, you may want to download additional useful software packages from their manufacturers, including file transfer programs and Internet browsers. NYU IT does not maintain the software listed below.

High Performance Computing

NYU provides several software packages for use with the its high performance computing clusters. See High Performance Computing Software for more information.

NYU Computer Store

The NYU Computer Store offers a wide selection of software available for purchase, often at discounted rates, by eligible NYU community members.