Product Description

Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) is the largest collection of algorithms for mathematical, statistical, and data mining problems. The subroutines can be incorporated into code in all languages and used on all platforms. Compilers for Fortran and C are available. Includes: Parallel Library, all Fortran and C libraries, and MATLAB toolbox.


  • User: Faculty, Staff, Student, Researchers
  • Devices: NYU-owned, personal

Technical Specs

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Version: NAG Library 2018

Distribution and Availability


  • Free to eligible NYU community members.

Expiration Date

  • August 31, annually


  • Non-commercial, for academic & research purposes only.

Support, Documentation, and Training

  • For additional support and training, email
  • For technical support escalation, contact NAG Support.