Product Description

Wolfram Research Software Suite includes Wolfram Alpha Pro, Alpha Notebook Edition, and Mathematica. Mathematica is a general computing environment with organizing algorithmic, visualization, and user interface capabilities. The many mathematical algorithms included in Mathematica make computation easy and fast.


  • User: Faculty, Staff, Students, Researchers
  • Devices: NYU-owned devices, personal devices

Technical Specs

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac
  • Version: Mathematica 11.3

Distribution and Availability


  • Free for eligible NYU community members

Expiration Date

  • August 31 annually


  • Non-commercial, for academic & research purposes only.

Support, Documentation, and Training

Wolfram Research Software Tutorials


These tutorials are excellent for new users, and can be assigned to students as homework to learn Mathematica outside of class time.


Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition


Free video webinars and virtual workshop for educators.

Teaching with Wolfram Technology


Mathematica offers an interactive classroom experience that helps students explore and grasp concepts, plus gives faculty the tools they need to easily create supporting course materials, assignments, and presentations.

Research with Mathematica

Mathematica integrates the world's largest collection of algorithms, high-performance computing capabilities, and a powerful visualization engine in one coherent system, making it ideal for academic research in just about any discipline.

Resources for researchers