Printing for Faculty, Staff, and Admins

Starting fall 2022, NYU will launch a more efficient, secure way of printing to your office printer. The current fleet of multi-function devices (MFD) printers will start to be replaced with new MFDs and will be enrolled in Pharos Secure Print release.   

Note: You will be notified before your department starts using this service. Then you can register with Pharos Sentry Print, which uses a three-step process secures printed documents while also conserving resources and helping the environment.


Three-Step Process to Print

Step 1


Authenticate using your NYU NetID, password, and MFA and follow the Registering and Printing with Pharos Sentry Print Knowledge Base article.

Step 2

Find a Printer

Locate any MFD printer in your area.

Step 3

Choose one of the three methods to release your printouts:

  1. Tap your NYU ID Card on the card reader.
  2. On the printer touch panel, type in your passcode received during initial registration.
  3. Download the Sentry Print app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Use the app to Scan the QR code on the multi-function device (MFD) printer.

Each document stays in your Pharos Sentry Print queue up to 48 hours and won’t be printed until you are at the print station.

Reduce Waste: Practice Sustainable Printing

Consider the following strategies to print more sustainably:

  • Review documents and only print the pages you need. Use "Print Preview" mode to avoid printing unnecessary pages
  • Maintain the default printing settings, including double-sided and black & white (color toner has a greater cost and environmental impact)
  • Save ink. When appropriate, adjust margins and font size to use less paper, and consider ink-saving fonts like Calibri, Century Gothic, or an eco-friendly typeface

Sustainable Printing Tips and Printing Alternatives
Sustainability at NYU

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Check with your school or department IT support team.

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If you  are unable to print after following the Getting Started instructions contact the NYU IT Service Desk, in New York call 1-212-998-3333, or email  

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