Cisco Jabber, part of the NYU Telephone Service, is software that enables NYU faculty and staff to make and receive phone calls and access their voicemail messages from an on- or off-campus computer or via a mobile app. It also offers features such as chat and video calls.

For most employees, Cisco Jabber should replace a physical desk phone. Not only is it more environmentally sustainable, it can be used while in the office or working remotely.

Download and Set Up Jabber on Mac or Windows

If you have been assigned an NYU telephone number, you should already have a Jabber for Desktop (Mac or Windows) account. Otherwise, see these instructions to request telephone service.

  1. Download the Jabber software for Mac or Windows.
  2. Run the Cisco Jabber installer file and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  3. Launch the Jabber software client.
  4. For your first login, enter the following as your ID, then click Continue:
    • For New York and Washington, DC, enter (e.g.,
    • For European sites and Tel Aviv, enter (e.g.
  5. Leave your user name as it appears (your NetID), then enter your NetID password to log in. (For all future logins, you'll simply use your NetID and password.)
  6. In the menu bar, open Jabber > Preferences to configure options such as how you will connect to audio/video, set your status, connect your NYU Calendar, and more.
    : Your camera may be on by default for person-to-person video calls. To change this in the Preferences, click Calls, then, in the "General" tab, deselect "Always start my calls with video."
  7. For detailed setup instructions, see these instructions for Mac or Windows. Or, read on for instructions on how to use Jabber.

Request a Jabber Account for iOS or Android

You can use the Jabber mobile app to make and receive calls with your primary NYU telephone number on an Android or iOS device. If you already have an NYU telephone number and would like to have a mobile Jabber account, complete this form. Otherwise, see these instructions to request telephone service.

Use Jabber on Mac or Windows

Get started with popular features:

  • Make and receive calls from your computer with your own NYU telephone number for Mac or Windows
    : Be sure to include 9 plus the full phone number if you are calling any non-NYU number.
  • Create and manage contacts for easy click-to-call dialing for Mac or Windows
  • Access and manage your NYU voice mail messages for Mac or Windows
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