WIT Steering Committee

Tamara Santiago

Tamara Santiago, NYU IT, WIT Co-Chair

Henrietta M. Paz-Amor

Henrietta M. Paz-Amor, Wagner, WIT Co-Chair

Tiffany Charbonier

Tiffany Charbonier, Wagner

Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray, NYU IT

Bessie Liang

Bessie Liang, NYU IT

Nicole Najera

Nicole Najera, NYU Libraries

Jen Sloan

Jen Sloan, NYU IT

Angela Wang

Angela Wang, NYU Shanghai

WIT Sponsors

Don Welch

Don Welch, Vice President for Information Technology, Global University CIO, and WIT Co-sponsor

Nelya Zonis

Nelya Zonis, COO, Office of the CIO NYU IT, and WIT Co-sponsor

Natalie Hidalgo

Natalie Hidalgo, CIO, Steinhardt, and WIT Founder and Co-sponsor

Stacie Grossman Bloom

Stacie Grossman Bloom, Vice Provost for Research and Chief Research Officer, and WIT Co-sponsor