Kitty Bridges

Kitty Bridges is the Senior Advisor on Strategic Initiatives for NYU IT. Kitty joined NYU in 2007, initially joining to design the University's primary data center. She has been responsible for several areas while at NYU including: serving as the Interim Chief Information Officer, leading several units including the Global Office of Information Security (GOIS), User & Global Support, Digital Accessibility, Communications, Strategic Planning, and Service Delivery & Management.

Kitty received her bachelor’s degree in medieval studies from Smith College and her MS in library and information science from the University of North Carolina. Prior to NYU, she worked in a variety of roles in IT and libraries at the University of Michigan (UM). She led a major effort to move UM from mainframe computing to “distributed computing” in the early-1990s, led the Science Libraries, worked at Merit Network in research networking (BGP Tables, Routing Arbiter Project, GateD, and RADIUS), and led the UM non-administrative computing organization — an early user of LDAP, which was developed by a UM grad student. When she retired from UM, Kitty moved back to New York and joined NYU.

Kitty started her career as a librarian: at the Radcliffe Science Library in Oxford, England; at the Environmental Protection Agency; and, in a corporate research library in New Jersey. In the late-1970s and early-1980s, there was no PubMed or Google, so librarians did all of the searching for research citations and journal articles. In the corporate research libraries, librarians managed the proprietary databases of research reports and experimental data. Therefore, librarians and computer scientists were among the first to use computing technologies in their daily work. Kitty kept branching further into computing. In 1980 she designed her first “machine room” and ran a local area network. She became an SQL database designer at a computer integrated manufacturing and robotics institute in Michigan, during the initial automation of the auto industry in Detroit.

Riding the wave of technology that started in the 1970s, Kitty has had a fascinating journey. Getting involved in Digital Accessibility has been transformative, saying, “I have been blessed to have been able to experience each of the waves of computing as they were developing. I never had a plan, but was open to new opportunities and said ‘yes’ when someone I trusted asked for my help.”


Kitty Bridges portrait

Kitty Bridges, Associate Vice President, Digital Accessibility, photo by Jen Sloan

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