Watch WIT Speaker Series: Minerva Tantoco
Minerva Tantoco, Chief AI Officer at the McSilver Institute is WIT’s 2023 keynote speaker. Minerva is the former Chief Technology Officer of New York City, an innovator, patent holder and entrepreneur committed to using technology to improve the lives of others. Learn about Minerva's her career journey, sources of inspiration, and her perspectives on the role of technology in advancing inclusivity and diversity in our society. See the slideshow on the Events page

Our Purpose

Founded in 2017, Women in Technology (WIT) inspires and empowers women in technology professions at NYU to reach their fullest potential through skill building, information sharing and a robust and nurturing support network.

Our Goals

WIT seeks to fulfill its purpose and stay true to its mission as a professional support network for tech women professionals by:

Networking and Community, Skill Development, Career Advancement

  • Creating in-person community building opportunities and online events that attract and advance women who are in or wish to pursue an tech-related profession
  • Hosting events that showcase women leaders in tech
  • Fostering open dialogue about the unique challenges and issues women in technical fields face in today’s workplace
  • Presenting information about opportunities for professional development that offer diverse pathways for growth, including workshops and training sessions
  • Providing volunteering opportunities with University partners in and outside the NYU community

Upcoming Events

WIT Trailblazers

WIT features trailblazers within the NYU community who have made significant contributions to the technology field. Read about our latest NYU community member profile: Shelly J. Smith.

Shelly J. Smith portrait

Shelly J. Smith