Watch WIT Fall 2021 Keynote: Kitty Bridges
Kitty is NYU IT’s Interim Chief Information Officer, Global Office of Information Security. She has been at NYU since 2007, initially joining to design the University’s primary data center. She has been responsible for several areas while at NYU including User & Global Support, Digital Accessibility, Communications, Strategic Planning, and Service Delivery & Management.

Our Purpose

NYU IT launched Women in Technology (WIT) to promote diverse career pathways, as well as to build and nurture a robust support network for women technology professionals at NYU.

Our Mission

To empower women who are working in tech-related professions at NYU, and to encourage them to reach their fullest professional and personal potential by pursuing University career opportunities, taking advantage of professional resources on campus, and employing industry best practices in their fields.

Our Goals

WIT seeks to fulfill its purpose and stay true to its mission as a professional support network for tech women professionals by:

  • Creating in-person networking opportunities and online events that attract and advance women who are in or wish to pursue an tech-related profession.
  • Hosting events that showcase women leaders in tech.
  • Fostering open dialogue about the unique challenges and issues women in technical fields face in today’s workplace.
  • Presenting information about opportunities for professional development that offer diverse pathways for growth, including workshops and training sessions.
  • Providing volunteering opportunities with University partners in and outside the NYU community.

Upcoming Events

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Shelly J. Smith