Changes to the NYU IT Website

Over the summer, we will be updating the NYU IT website to align with an improved Service Catalog structure and terminology (taxonomy). This update will involve adding new categories, updating some service names, and shifting impacted service pages to their “new” category. We are working with Digital Communications, the service owner of, to ensure a smooth transition.

We understand that some community members may need to update assets and others may receive a 404 error message if they have bookmarked an impacted page. We are trying to develop workarounds to address this. For security and page-loading speed reasons, it is not possible to redirect every page. However, you may request a temporary redirect for popular or sensitive pages by reaching out to the IT Communications team at

All top-level pages that are the entry point to service categories (e.g., Communication and Collaboration, Research and Data Support, Web and Digital Publishing, etc.) and pages that currently have a vanity URL (e.g. associated with them, will be automatically redirected to the “new” page. If someone has an older link to a lower-level page, that link will redirect to the top-level page of that category.

If you are interested in the details of these changes, please explore the sitemaps below.