Student Tech Guide and Tech Checklist for New Students are the central resources to answer commonly-asked tech questions. 

General Info

IT Homepage The IT homepage provides you with access to how-to info
and tech tips for many of the most popular NYU IT services.
IT Service Status See current and upcoming IT service outages and service maintenance.
ServiceLink Service Portal Search ServiceLink support articles to find answers to your tech questions or submit a service-specific request form for personalized assistance. 
Key Projects & Initiatives Read about current, high-priority IT projects.
Tech Standards See the set of standards for technical equipment (computers, monitors, mobile devices and headsets) for faculty and staff, purchased with University-administered funds.
Questions or feedback? Please complete the IT Communications Request Form.

Student Guides

Student Tech Guide Explore this central resource for tech services essential to student success, including NYU Email, Brightspace, Wi-Fi, MFA, passwords, and more; as well as links to how-tos, tips, and support articles.  
Tech Checklist for New Students Important steps for students to take before they arrive and during their first days to ensure they can hit the ground running with the IT services they’ll need.
End of Semester Guide for Students Find tips and services to get students through finals season.

Faculty and Staff Guides

Faculty Tech Guide New and returning faculty alike can use this frequently-updated guide to find essential IT services, resources, and news for faculty. 
Remote Instruction Support Find tools and support for connecting with students remotely, outside of a physical classroom.
Staff Tech Guide This guide provides helpful information about key  IT services and support for staff.
Tech Guide to Hybrid/Remote Work Tech guidelines and services for NYU staff to help create a successful hybrid/remote work environment.
Navigating Research and Instructional Technology Explore technology resources related to instruction and research, and read stories about how the University community is using these services in pursuit of their teaching and research missions.
Digital Accessibility Guides, considerations, and training resources to help make NYU's digital content accessible to all of our community members, who have a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities.

Key IT Services

Google Services Learn about NYU’s Google Workspace “Core Services” (Email, Drive, Calendar, etc.) and all four categories of Google services, each of which has different access, support, and protection from ads and data mining by Google.
NYU Brightspace NYU's learning management system for online teaching and learning. Includes resources for both students and faculty.
NYU Wi-Fi NYU Wi-Fi provides secure wireless access to NYU’s network and the internet at University locations, including global sites.
NetID and Password Reset Your NYU NetID and password are the gateway to online NYU services, including NYUHome and NYU Google Services.
Authentication (MFA)
MFA, powered by Duo, is a critical cybersecurity tool used in combination with your NetID and password to confirm your identity when logging into NYU services. It helps to prevent hackers from gaining access to your personal information and NYU’s network.
NYU Print Service Learn how to use the NYU Print Service, available at most NYU campuses, and find tips on how to reduce waste and practice sustainable printing.
NYU Virtual Private
Network (VPN)
VPN provides secure access to NYU services when you’re working or studying off-campus. Use VPN if you’re using public Wi-Fi or an unsecured internet connection, traveling, or working from home.
Software Resources Find free and discounted software applications and services provided by NYU. Check individual product pages for details.
A to Z List of Services An alphabetical list of all publicly-available NYU IT services. Check the links at the top to view services by role (student, faculty, and staff).
Student Technology Centers and Computer Labs Learn about the collaboration spaces, printing, computer stations, software, games, events, and more that are available to degree-seeking students and faculty at NYU IT’s three locations in New York.
Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) Students have online access to a wide range of academic software available via the VCL. No purchase or installation necessary.
Web Meetings (Zoom) Find NYU Zoom guides, tips, videos, and support for students, faculty, and staff.


Cybersecurity Awareness Training This training increases the NYU community’s ability to recognize and respond to cybersecurity threats and help avoid simple mistakes that would threaten NYU’s networks and data.
Safe Computing Read about common cyber threats and how to recognize, avoid, and report them. Download anti-malware software for your personally-owned computer and learn other ways to stay cybersecure.
Avoid Phishing Learn about phishing, a tactic cybercriminals use to try to trick you into revealing personal or sensitive information or install malware on your device.
Ransomware Ransomware is a form of malware that can encrypt (i.e., lock) your files and block access to all the information stored on your device. It can also lock networks and deny access to data that’s critical to NYU’s ability to function.
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Learn how to keep private information private and safeguard your personally identifiable information.
City Smart
Cyber Smart
Be aware of cybersecurity threats and ways to protect yourself and our community. (Year-long campaign begins this October.)

Content to Share

IT News & Announcements Find newsletters, blogs, and sites that provide useful information, including service updates, tips and tutorials, and service and technology alerts.
The Download newsletter NYU IT’s monthly email and online newsletter with information about IT services and interesting ways NYU faculty, staff, and students use technology to advance their teaching, research, and learning.
Tech Messages for Students Tech information for students to be shared in summer, before fall arrival.
IT Security News & Alerts Stay up-to-date with cybersecurity news and time-sensitive alerts by subscribing to the NYU IT Global Office of Information Security’s blog.
Short URLs These short URLs for key NYU IT pages are handy to use for print and screen display.
Digital Signage   Digital signage to display on large screens. Please complete the form and check "other" box to discuss your needs.
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YouTube Watch videos on technology-based services and support for NYU students, faculty, and staff.
Digital Accessibility Newsletter Digital Accessibility is an important part of being inclusive online by ensuring digital documents, the web, and mobile apps work for everyone, including people with disabilities. Subscribe to our email newsletter for digital accessibility tips, articles, and helpful tools.

IT Support

NYU IT Service Desk is available 24x7. Please email if not urgent.

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