Sustainable Technology Guidelines for New Employees

When it comes to HR, the University has implemented sustainable employee onboarding. To assist managers in onboarding, the following has been developed:


One computer is purchased for a new employee (laptop recommended). Standard device offerings adhere to sustainability standards.

  • To purchase a standard PC model: refer to Dell card in iBuy portal.
  • To purchase a standard Apple model: refer to NYU Bookstore Shop card in iBuy portal.

Table of Hardware Standards - to be updated once new standards are confirmed, summer 2021.


New employees are provided a softphone, Cisco Jabber. This software enables phone calls from a computer with internet connectivity, or via a mobile app. To request a softphone for a new employee, submit a Communication Request Form. Visit the Cisco Jabber page for more information and set-up support.


If employees do need to print, they will use departmental multi-function devices (example: Ricoh and Lanier) located in offices. To configure employees' connection to an office device reach out to your local technical leads or IT staff to configure accordingly on their laptop/desktop.