Make environmentally friendly printing habits part of your day

Reducing the amount of printing at NYU, and making the printing that does happen more environmentally friendly, is a key component of the University's overall sustainability effort. Making sustainable printing practices part of our everyday will help change long-standing habits and create a culture of sustainability across NYU. Below are some tips on alternatives to printing, as well as some tips on making greener choices with the printing you have to do.

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Greener alternatives to printing

There's no moreĀ sustainable printing habit than not printing. Here are some tips on what you can do instead of hitting that print button.

Share via Google Docs and Drive

Google Docs is an easy way to create, collaborate and share documents without printing. Use the Share button to set access permissions and create a link you can copy or email directly to colleagues and co-workers. With NYU Drive, you can also upload and share files such as images, audio and video, MS Office docs, and more.

Have a meeting or study session? Digitally display agendas and take notes

Many meeting rooms and study spaces for staff, faculty, and students are equipped with the tech to share your screen using a projector or via NYU Zoom, which means you can avoid printing handouts. Need to take notes? Use a laptop or tablet instead of pen and paper.

Need to make a copy? Use the scanning option

If you need to make a copy of printed material, many copiers at NYU also have a scan function that enables you to send documents directly to your email as PDF or JPG files.

Want to save a portion of a page? Cut and paste

Need to save something from a doc or web page for later reference? You can cut and paste the pertinent info into a doc. If you need to save an entire web page or capture its layout, there are a number of secure browser plugins that enable you to capture entire pages as PDFs or images.

Bookmark web pages

Want to refer back to a web page or website later? Bookmark it rather than print it.

If you do need to printā€¦

Students and Faculty: Use

The NYU Print Service enables you to customize print jobs with environmentally friendly options and send them to a public printer at a number of locations.

Staff and Admins: Use an office or networked printer

Having personal printers in an office consumes more ink and electricity. Using a shared printer consumes fewer resources and makes it easier to deploy more sustainable default settings.

Print black & white and double-sided

One of the simplest ways to make printing more sustainable is to print in black and white rather than color and to make sure you're printing on both sides (duplex) of the paper. You can set these options in or in the print dialog box for office and personal printers.

Use recycled and environmentally friendly paper

NYU Print Service and office printers are stocked with paper that meets the University's sustainability guidelines. If you are buying paper, select 30-100% recycled or tree-free paper.

Sustainable page set-up: Margins, text size, and line spacing

The default document settings in Word and Docs can be changed to reduce the number of pages. Change the text size from 12pt to 10pt; reduce margins from 1-inch or larger default to .5 inches; and set line spacing at single or 1.15.

Print only the pages you require

When you print, select the pages you need rather than printing the entire document. You can use Print Preview to ensure your documents print how you expect and that you're not wasting paper on extraneous things such as a page that only contains an unneeded page footer.