Optimizing your device settings impacts how much energy is consumed across NYU. Every desktop computer left on costs $50-100/year to power. There are thousands of desktops housed on campus, besides working in the cloud and on laptops, shutting off the desktop can save so much! Here are tips for greening your daily workflow:

Energy Saving for Hardware

Calibrate desktop, laptop, and display settings to reduce energy and consumption:

  • Turn off monitors and other peripheral items (printers, etc.) when not in use.
  • Desktop, laptop, and display settings should be set to sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Use smart power strips (when available) capable of automating efficient energy practices.

Printer Settings

  • Set printers to print in black and white by default (because color toner has a greater cost and environmental impact).
  • Set printers to print and copy in "duplex" or double-sided mode by default.

Paperless Meetings

With many options available, it’s easy to facilitate meetings without printing. Here are guidelines to facilitate paperless meetings:

  • Include meeting minutes and presentation materials via soft electronic copies and/or in electronic shared folders.
  • Communicate to attendees regarding receipt of and access to electronic materials.
  • Use a projector, laptop, or screen to display the agenda and other related meeting documents.
  • Consider holding a remote meeting via web conference using NYU Zoom.
  • Encourage meeting attendees to take notes on their laptop or another electronic device to further reduce paper waste.

Electronic Document Signing

If you need to sign a document there is no need to print pages — you can sign documents electronically. Electronic signature software is at your fingertips, DocuSign software licenses are available for your use.


Read the Green Events Standard for reducing the environmental impact of NYU events.