Buying Sustainable Tech

At NYU, sustainable buying practices for technology incorporate a number of considerations, including environmental impact, costs, and long-term value for our community.

Currently, there are two resources available to evaluate the sustainability of products prior to acquisition:

  • EPEAT Registry
  • Sustainability Purchase Decision Tool

EPEAT Registry

One resource to assess tech sustainability is the Global Electronics Council (GEC) EPEAT ecolabel registry. This external resource combines several factors to assign sustainability scores to a range of technology solutions, such as:

  • Product life expectancy
  • Product environmental impact
  • Product energy consumption
  • Product ‘serviceability’
    • Cost of component parts
    • Sourcing of component parts

Sustainability Purchase Decision Tool

NYU’s Sustainability Purchase Decision Tool  compares energy consumption and operating costs between multiple solutions to help identify the more efficient (and less expensive) solution.

While upfront cost may be an important factor, a product with a greater life expectancy or that is more energy efficient, may have a lower cost of ownership and be a more sustainable option.

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