NYU IT Vision

We are a diverse team of skilled professionals, advancing NYU’s global excellence in research, teaching, learning and administration through modern, intuitive, and secure technology. We are trusted thought partners, offering strategic solutions, reliable services and dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation.

NYU IT Mission

NYU IT offers and supports a comprehensive set of strategic, innovative technology services and solutions at scale to advance NYU’s overall mission while convening a federated technology community around shared policies, standards and processes. We are accountable to secure and protect the institution’s technology and data.

NYU IT Strategy

Support a People-Centric Culture

Retain and recruit top talent. Engage and motivate employees through meaningful and challenging work, timely and relevant recognition, and transparent communication. Create opportunities for leadership development and career mobility.  Provide a supportive environment that respects employee quality of life and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Goals and Measures

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Reduce Complexity and Promote Simplicity

We seek to simplify wherever possible in order to improve our experience for users and to make navigating our environment easier. We ensure that our operations are aligned to resolving issues with the fewest steps possible, with smooth handoffs between teams, and direct access to clear information for everyone. As we implement new products, we resist customization to reduce the time and effort we spend “keeping the lights on,” seeking to automate wherever possible. The end result is that more of our resources are aligned to frictionless delivery of value to our stakeholders and more of our time and effort on projects and operations that benefit our users.
Goals and Measures

Be Effective Stewards of NYU Resources

As stewards of NYU resources for IT, we balance cost-effectiveness and demand to ensure maximum value for the University. By investing in mission-focused work, we enhance our capacity to meet our financial commitments and deliver projects on-time for full end user adoption.
Goals and Measures

Focus on the Fundamentals

Our mission is to provide a strong foundation of resilient, secure, cost-effective, and scalable IT services that enable innovation and drive success at NYU. We will accomplish this through efficient, systematic, and logical processes, and by continuously improving the design and delivery of our services. We will also stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices through technology roadmaps, and foster a collaborative work environment with key stakeholders across the university. Adhering to internationally accepted IT operating principles, processes, procedures, and standards, we will strive to optimize the use of our resources and support the university's mission.
Goals and Measures

Align with Partners to Serve the NYU Community

Through partnerships and collaboration, NYU IT convenes a diverse, skilled federated IT community to meet the University’s needs at both the local and institutional level by building on collective strengths and backgrounds.
Goals and Measures

Operate a Unified Security Program

We operate a single risk-based information security program that safeguards NYU’s administrative, academic, and research information assets while fostering NYU's need for collaboration, experimentation, and innovation. We advance a culture that instills security into our people, partnerships, processes, and practices. We increase stakeholder awareness of evolving cyber threats and shared responsibility, seek pragmatic solutions balanced against risk, and deliver value to ensure NYU meets its regulatory and contractual requirements.
Goals and Measures

NYU IT Core Beliefs

We demonstrate our core beliefs every day in our interactions, attitude, and performance. NYU IT core beliefs are:

  • People at the heart of everything we do.
  • Create space to innovate.
  • Right promises. Right delivery.
  • Share information. Build trust.
  • Teams and partnerships work. Barriers don’t.
  • Insist on excellence.

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