Using Zoom Waiting Rooms and Passcodes

By Keith Allison | July 8, 2020

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Update [9.25.2020]: NYU Zoom Waiting Room or Passcode No Longer Mandatory

Zoom has cancelled the upcoming requirement that all meetings use a Waiting Room or Passcode. As a result, the implementation of mandatory Waiting Rooms for NYU Zoom will not be implemented. However, waiting rooms will be on by default for all meetings. Participants who are logged into NYU Zoom will be able to bypass the waiting room. This setting can be modified to the host’s desired state.

Ensuring that NYU Zoom meetings are safe is an ongoing priority for the University. Zoom Waiting Rooms enable hosts and instructors to control who can join a meeting when it starts. The default Waiting Room for NYU Zoom will allow any NYU community member who first logs into NYU Zoom ( to bypass the Waiting Room and directly enter the meeting, greatly minimizing the number of people placed in the Waiting Room for admission by the host or instructor. 

NYU recommends leaving the new default Waiting Room and “Users not in your account” options enabled, but individual hosts and instructors will still have the option to change their default or per-meeting settings to:

  • remove the default bypass and place all NYU and non-NYU community members into the Waiting Room;
  • add additional domains (e.g.,  to the automatic Waiting Room bypass feature
  • require a Passcode instead of a Waiting Room; or 
  • require a Waiting Room AND a Passcode. 

Don’t Wait to Learn About Waiting Rooms!

  • Familiarize yourself with the Waiting Room feature prior to hosting a meeting.
  • Remind attendees of the importance of logging into before joining. Consider customizing your Waiting Room screen to include this information. NYU Marketing Communications has created customizable hold screens (Google Slides), and official copies of the NYU logo and some school logos are available on the University Logos page.
  • Explain your individual Zoom security settings to attendees at the start of the semester or in the meeting description. This is especially important if you choose to change the default settings and opt instead for a mandatory Waiting Room for all attendees, a Passcode, or both. 
  • Designate a co-host or trusted attendee to help manage the admittance of non-NYU guests or NYU community members who forget to log in at before attempting to join. This is especially helpful in large meetings or courses.
  • Contact your local IT support staff or the NYU IT Service Desk for additional assistance.

NYU Zoom will play a key role for students, faculty, and staff during the fall 2020 semester. While ongoing changes to the service can be challenging, they are an essential part of ensuring Zoom continues to evolve and meets the academic needs of the University in a secure fashion.

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