Slow Wi-Fi? No Wi-Fi? Here Are Some Tips

By Keith Allison | Updated: Sept. 22, 2021


NYU takes issues with the NYU Wi-Fi network seriously and is always working to improve the service. However, there are a few things that are often interpreted as slow or unreliable wireless that are actually caused by something else. Below are five of the issues most commonly misdiagnosed as wireless connectivity issues.

Make sure you’re in an NYU Wi-Fi enabled location

Areas covered by NYU Wi-Fi provide the best speeds and reliability, but because of the nature of wireless radio signals, you may be able to connect to NYURoam outside of a designated area (such as on the street outside of a building with NYU Wi-Fi). In these cases, incidental coverage outside of the designated space may be unreliable.

Make sure you’re connected to “nyu”

If you’re connected to any wireless network other than the one named “nyu,” then you may experience slow or unreliable service. See “Navigating NYU Wi-Fi Networks and SSIDs” for more information on how to make sure you’re connected to the right network.

Make sure you’re using NYU Wi-Fi, not your cellular network

Because devices will often switch without warning from one network to another, yours may be attempting to use your carrier’s cell network in an area where cell reception is weak.

Make sure it’s not the page or app that’s running slow

One of the most common issues mistaken for a slow wireless connection is actually a slow-loading web page or app. Try quitting and reloading the page or app.

Make sure your browser, computer, or device memory isn’t full

If you haven’t turned off your computer or device or quit your browser in a long time, apps and “processes” can build up, hogging memory and causing slow performance. This is especially true if you’ve loaded media-rich web pages or running bandwidth-intensive apps. You may also experience slow performance if you have a large number of tabs open in a browser. Shut down your computer at least once a week, and periodically quit your browser and clear its cache.

Still encountering issues?

If you’ve already checked the above and are still having connectivity issues, contact the NYU IT Service Desk for assistance.