URL Defense, New Security Feature in NYU Email

By Keith Allison | October 12, 2018

As part of NYU’s commitment to help protect the University’s networks and data, NYU IT launched a new email security feature on September 28. In compliance with NYU IT’s security policies, email protection is a priority. The University’s existing email security tool prevents external email with known malicious URLs from reaching your inbox. This new feature will further protect against seemingly harmless URLs that make it into your inbox but become malicious thereafter, exposing you to security threats should you click on them.

If you click on a URL that is safe, you will be directed to the corresponding website. If you click on a URL that leads to a malicious website, you will see a notification explaining that you have been blocked from accessing it.

You do not have to do anything to activate this new feature; it will be automatically available when checking NYU Email on any network, in every location, from any device. If your NYU Email is already protected by URL Defense, this change will not affect you.

Note: The implementation of URL Defense minimizes email security risks, but it does not guarantee that every link contained in incoming, external email to @nyu.edu is safe to click. Please continue to exercise caution when reviewing embedded links. For more information on detecting phishing messages, including tips for examining embedded URLs, see Recognizing phishing scams and protecting yourself online.

FAQs and Support

See the ServiceLink knowledge base for URL Defense FAQs, including more information about how the feature works. If you believe that a site has been blocked unnecessarily or that a malicious site was not appropriately blocked, or if you have other questions, please contact the NYU IT Service Desk.