Seven Tips to Help Wrap Up the Semester

By Keith Allison | December 10, 2019


NYU IT wants to help you across the fall finish line with useful IT services for that final paper, project, or exam. Here are seven tips and services that will help finish that final paper or project. And to balance out all your work, be sure to make time to kick back with some end-of-semester shows, games, and wellness sessions happening around the University.

Use MobilePrint to Avoid the Print Queue Crowd at Bobst Library

You finished writing your paper or annotating that reading just in time, and now all that’s left is to print it and run to class. Mobile Print lets you send the file to (or and print it at any NYU Print Station. Pick a printer without a line, swipe your NYUCard to access your account, and select which emailed document you’d like to print.

Skip the crowd in Bobst’s lower level and use the NYU Mobile app to locate other printers. Click on the “Print Status” icon on the app’s homepage to get a map of the New York campus’ printing locations. Select a location near you to see the number of printers available. Keep in mind that pinpoints marked with a pink dot are only open to the building’s residents. For more information, click “View Details” to see the status of each printer and what floor it is located on.

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Studying at the Local Bubble Tea Spot? Use VPN to Secure Public Wi-Fi

If you need a little extra energy, a different place to study, or just need to relax somewhere off-campus, many of the bubble tea spots, coffee shops, and restaurants around NYU offer free public Wi-Fi. However, the convenience of public Wi-Fi comes with some security risks. Make sure to keep your data and your device safe by using NYU VPN to create a secure connection wherever you are.

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Check computer availability at the Student Technology Centers.

Worried about making the trek to one of the technology centers only to discover everyone else had the same idea? View real-time workstation availability for the LaGuardia Co-opThird North, and Kimmel Center to make sure the resources you need will be ready and waiting.

Use the NYU Mobile and Safe NYU Apps for important updates and access to late-night rides

If you’re out late, the NYU Mobile app can provide you up-to-the-minute updates about the NYU Shuttle. We also recommend  installing Public Safety’s Safe NYU  app With Safe NYU, you can receive real-time alerts, connect with Public Safety, and request a ride through the University’s Safe Ride service. Have you downloaded the NYU Mobile and Safe NYU apps? They’re available for both iOS and Android

Use NYU Box or NYU Drive to Store and Share Files

NYU’s file storage options enable you to store, share, and access files wherever you may be. If you are collaborating on a class project, put everything in NYU Drive, and you and your classmates can access files. If you are handling more sensitive information, NYU Box is the approved University service for storing and securely sharing high-risk data, including confidential personal and medical records.

If you require specialized data management and storage services, NYU offers a variety of options, including the Faculty Digital Archive, the Spatial Data Repository, and Research Workspace.

Need Help with a Subject? Ask a Librarian

Ever step into a library to research something and realize you don’t know where to start? The librarians at NYU know that, with so many resources at your fingertips, the process can sometimes be a little daunting. That’s why NYU Libraries launched Ask-a-Librarian. It can take some of the stress out of the process by connecting you with a subject matter expert who willhelp you figure out what you need, where to find it, and develop an effective research strategy.

Find Something Fun to Do on the NYU Events Calendar

Look, sometimes, enough is enough, and you need a break from studying , paper writing, and projects. Although you may feel strapped for time, it’s essential that you make some space to relax, take a breath, and get your mind off of academics, even if it’s just for a little while. If you need something fun to do, the NYU Events Calendar will help you find a talk, performance, session, or show. One of the great things about being at NYU is the culture, so let the Events Calendar be your window into what’s happening.