NYU Wi-Fi: Connect to NYU's Wireless Network

By Victoria Lubas | August 8, 2019

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Learn about NYU Wi-Fi, How to Get Online, and How to Troubleshoot Your Connection

NYU Wi-Fi is the University’s secure Wi-Fi network. Eligible users can connect to the network—which displays as nyu in your list of available networks—at many NYU locations in New York, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, and the University’s global academic centers. Below are some tips and resources you can use to configure your device, connect to NYU Wi-Fi, and get assistance should you need it.

Configure and Connect

Most of the time, as long as you are in an NYU Wi-Fi-enabled location, connecting to NYU Wi-Fi is as simple as selecting the nyu network (or “SSID”) from your list of available networks, entering your NetID and password, and then selecting Join or Connect. If you are connecting to NYURoam for the first time, and at the beginning of each year, you will be presented with a security certificate. When prompted, click Accept.

NYU’s ServiceLink knowledge base contains detailed instructions for connecting to NYU Wi-Fi using a variety of devices.

Connection Tips

  • Don’t see nyu in the list of available networks? There are two primary reasons this happens:
    • You are not in an NYU Wi-Fi-enabled location.
    • Your device’s hardware does not meet the minimum requirements for connecting to nyu. If this is the case, you will see nyu-legacy in the list of available networks and can connect to that instead. (Please note that nyu-legacy is an older network for slower devices and should not be used if you have access to nyu.)
  • Make sure you are connected to the correct network/SSID and find out what to do if your device is on the wrong network. Note that gaming and digital media devices in NYU residence halls use a separate SSID.
  • Make sure that you are logging in with your current NetID and password. An old password may be saved on your computer/device if you changed it recently. Incorrect and expired passwords are the most common cause of authentication issues. Normally, your device will prompt you when a password fails, but if you have recently changed your password and have not been prompted to do so, you will need to update your password.

Help and Troubleshooting

Running into a problem with NYU Wi-Fi? NYU IT is here to assist with any issues you may encounter.

IT Support

NYU IT Service Desk is available 24x7. Please email if not urgent.

Knowledge Base

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