NYU Wi-Fi Guest Portal: Have a Visitor Who Needs Wi-Fi?

By Denise Ryan | September 9, 2022

A new tool lets you set up temporary access for a guest in a few quick steps

Note: for the most up-to-date NYU Wi-Fi information, please visit the NYU Wi-Fi service page

Are you hosting a guest and want them to be able to connect to NYU Wi-Fi? The new NYU Wi-Fi Guest Sponsor Portal enables you to set up access in just a few minutes, and it eliminates the previous requirement to request access through the IT Service Desk. 

The Guest Portal also offers enhanced security to further protect NYU's networks by protecting connected devices from viruses and malware. It also results in more precise data usage information, so that use of NYU Wi-Fi can be better measured, enabling the University to more effectively deploy Wi-Fi equipment where it's needed.   

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