Are You Using NYU Zoom? Are You Sure?

By Keith Allison | October 19, 2020

The NYU Zoom Tips Round-up: Know Where to Go for All the Zoom Info

We've talked about NYU Zoom a little bit, haven't we? As one of the essential services powering the University's blended learning and working environment, it's earned its spot as a topic of much discussion.

By now, you have the hang of the basics and are probably handy with some of the advanced features as well. But we know the info has been coming fast and furious, and Zoom is frequently tweaking the service to improve security and usability. So if you need a hand wrangling all of that info, see below for some highlights, recommendations, and tips.

Make Sure You're Using NYU Zoom

We know telling the difference between "regular" Zoom and NYU Zoom can be confusing, but there are important differences. NYU Zoom provides you with increased privacy, enables up to 300 participants, has no meeting time limit, and gives you access to NYU Zoom tech support.

The best way to make sure you're using NYU Zoom is to start your day by logging in at

NYU Zoom login screen

Use the Zoom App

While you can run Zoom from a browser window, it's a better experience to download and use the Zoom App. It offers better on-screen configuration options, a more flexible toolbar, and auto-start and meeting reminders. The app is available for Mac and Windows computers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Run those Updates!

Once you have the Zoom app installed, make sure it stays up-to-date. Most of the time, if a new version is available, you'll see an alert within the app. You can check for updates yourself by going to in the Zoom app's top menu and selecting Check for Updates.

Connect Your Calendar with the Zoom Browser Extension

Zoom offers an extension for Firefox and Chrome that makes it easy to schedule and view meetings in your NYU Calendar. Get that and other plugins, including one that will enable you to share an iPhone or iPad screen, directly from Zoom.

Check Out NYU Zoom Service Page

The NYU Zoom service page on the NYU IT website is your one-stop shop for tips, tutorials, and news about the service. Find info about NYU Zoom Classrooms, learn how to tweak your Zoom settings for professional perfection, browse for instructions and technical support, and more.

the NYU Zoom service page on the NYU IT website

Get to Know NYU Zoom Classrooms

The NYU Zoom service page has detailed info about NYU Zoom Classrooms around the NY campus.

Want to dig into even more detail, such as how to optimize audio and video for both in-room and remote attendees? Take a look at the comprehensive guide in the NYU ServiceLink knowledge base.

Record Your Session

Since we're potentially scattered across different places and time zones, recording an NYU Zoom meeting is a great way to make sure your meeting or class is available to everyone who needs it.

Need Assistance? Consider it Done!

  • In an NYU Zoom Classroom and need help right away? Use the Zoom Hotline (212-998-3400 or x83400) for immediate in-classroom assistance.
  • For support with an upcoming session in an NYU Zoom Classroom, contact the NYU IT Service Desk.
  • For all NYU Zoom inquiries, including general support, account issues, and other requests, contact the NYU IT Service Desk.