HackNYU 2022 Winners

By Claire Gu | March 14, 2022


Student Hackathon Explores Social, Financial, Educational, and Individual Issues

HackNYU is a 48-hour hackathon where NYU students around the world come together to create innovative technology projects that address a variety of issues.

This year, more than 579 teams joined the hackathon community virtually to unlock new industry solutions around five tracks: Inclusion, Health & Well-Being, Sustainability, Education, and Financial Empowerment. In addition, a number of prizes were awarded to teams for hacks using specific technologies, or just for fun. Who doesn't want to develop the "Most Magical" or "Most Outrageous" hack?

See below for a list of the winning teams, check out a full list of the awesome submissions, and congratulate the winners of HackNYU 2022 in the Project Gallery.


  • Parampower: A system consisting of a web application, which will be used by the paralyzed patient, and a mobile application that is tailored to the needs of the caretaker.
  • CultureEd: Allows users to learn about various cultures through interactive video lessons.

Health & Well-Being

  • Homie: In light of recent news of NYC residents being attacked on the street and subway, Homie is intended to be a solution to the compromised sense of security within the student body of going home alone at night.
  • EasyAllergy: Allows users to detect common allergens in packaged food and restaurants to keep them away from potential risks.  


  • Chipp Recycle: An innovative waste management system that encourages users to reduce waste and promotes clean and green space.
  • Verdant: Allows users to take on different challenges related to sustainability and connect with friends to communicate and compare achievements.


  • Follow Up: A tool to help teachers manage their class records and enable parents to check their childrens’ performance.
  • Platform for Education: A learning platform that helps make distance and offline learning more interactive.

Financial Empowerment

  • Ministore: An e-commerce platform that enables entrepreneurs, artists, creators, and individuals to connect with their users and give them further financial empowerment.
  • Artsy: An NFT marketplace for artists to generate artworks based on text input and earn with their craft. 

Partner and Sponsor Awards

In addition to the tracks above, a number of awards were given by HackNYU sponsors and partners for projects making use of specific technologies and resources—and others just for fun.

  • Dream Big and Create More Cheers with AB InBev: MedScan
  • Best Domain Name from Domain.com: Ministore (see above)
  • Best Use of Google Cloud: QuizMe
  • Best Hardware Hack Sponsored by Digi-Key: Gesture Control Bot
  • Best Use of Figma by Figma: Jobsteer
  • Best Creative Hack by Meta: Reclaim
  • Best Failed Hack: P&S Recycling
  • Best Blockchain Project Using Hedera: P&S Recycling (see above)
  • Best Low-Code Hack: FinEdge
  • Best First Time Hack: Github Gato
  • Best Potential Hack: QuizMe (see above)
  • Most Magical Hack: Slice of Life
  • Most Creative Use of Twilio: Dr. On Call
  • Most Outrageous Hack: Peer Organ
  • Most Creative Use of GitHub: SmartSpend

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone who participated in HackNYU 2022!