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NYU Wi-Fi and Networks

NYU Wi-Fi Guest Portal: Have a Visitor Who Needs Wi-Fi?
You can now quickly sponsor a guest for temporary access to NYU Wi-Fi using the new Guest Portal. It takes just a few minutes, improves security, and eliminates the need to call the Service Desk.

NYU Wi-Fi: Connect to NYU's Wireless Network
Here are some tips and resources you can use to configure your device, connect to NYU Wi-Fi, and get assistance should you need it.

Wi-Fi Tip: The Password Might Be the Problem
One of the most common causes of Wi-Fi issues is an expired or mistyped password. Here's how to avoid these issues.

Slow Wi-Fi? No Wi-Fi? Here Are Some Tips
There are a few things that are often interpreted as slow or unreliable Wi-Fi that are actually caused by something else.

Public Wi-Fi: Proceed with Caution
Although it’s convenient to use public Wi-Fi in an airport, hotel, gym, library, or local business, remember that public Wi-Fi networks are often exploited by malicious actors seeking access to your sensitive data.

NYU Email, Drive, and Google Apps

Manage and Schedule NYU Email Messages
Here are a few helpful tips on how to more effectively manage your NYU Email inbox by filtering and scheduling messages, as well as cancelling the delivery of messages sent by mistake.

Use Google Rooms to Boost Collaboration
Google rooms provide a way to collaborate via chat and document sharing, similar to the popular app Slack. It's especially handy for groups working in different locations and who need more robust collaboration features.

Collaborating with Google Docs
NYU Docs/Drive enables community members to collaborate on, edit, and approve documents. However, not all of Docs' powerful collaborative features are obvious at first glance.

Tips for Searching NYU Email
The default search capability in NYU Mail can get you started, but it might also restrict results based on criteria you may be unaware it’s applying to your search query.

Tech Tips and IT Service News

Top Troubleshooting Tips for Top Tech Services
Answers to commonly-asked questions about resetting NYU passwords, connecting to NYU Wi-Fi, and setting up MFA.

Seven Tips to Help Wrap Up the Semester
NYU IT wants to help you across the fall finish line with useful IT services for that final paper, project, or exam. Here are seven tips and services that will help finish that final paper or project.

Are You Using NYU Zoom? Are You Sure?
We know NYU Zoom info has been coming fast and furious! If you need a hand wrangling all of that info, here are some highlights, recommendations, and tips.

Using Zoom Waiting Rooms and Passcodes
Zoom Waiting Rooms and Passcodes add an extra layer of protection to your meetings, helping to keep out unwanted gatecrashers and Zoom intruders.

VPN and MFA: Protect Your Connection and Your Account
Available at all of NYU’s locations, VPN encrypts your network traffic and enables access to NYU services that would otherwise require you to be on campus. 

Password Expired or Forgotten? Visit the NYU Start Page
NYU IT requires NetID-associated passwords be changed at least once a year to maintain account security. The NYU Start page is where you can go to manage your password and other NYU-NET account information.

Games and VR at the LaGuardia Co-op
In the Co-op’s lower level, you’ll find a gaming lounge, VR console, and other ways to help you temporarily take your mind off your coursework — unless, that is, your coursework involves gaming and VR.

Creativity at the LaGuardia Co-op
The Co-op facility is an experimental take on a traditional computer lab experience. Students from different schools across NYU can use the Co-op collaborate as a group or work individually.

NYU Madrid's New Home
This spring, one of the University’s first study away locations, NYU Madrid, moved into a newly-renovated building on the Calle del Barquillo, in central Madrid.

NYU Sydney Embraces New Technology to Teach and Connect
Stepping through NYU Sydney’s welcoming stonework entrance, visitors are immediately struck with a sense of history. Built in 1931, the site retains strong physical evidence of a long association with groups that once occupied the Heritage-protected building.

Cybersecurity and Safe Computing

Ransomware Scams
In ransomware attacks, malware encrypts a user’s files and requests ransom payment, often in bitcoin, to unlock the files and restore encrypted content to users.

QR Codes: Don't Scan a Scam
QR codes are popular time-savers.  Unfortunately, it's easy to create a QR code that sends you to a scam website. Here are a few things to look out for.

Cybersecurity Tip: Be Careful with That Free USB Stick
Loading USB sticks with malware and giving them out is a common form of cyberattack. Here's what to watch out for.

Top Habits of Highly Secure NYU Community Members
Keep you and your devices protected by following these ten helpful security habits.

New Semester, New Phone? Make Sure Your Old One is Clean
You backed up your old phone — but have you wiped it clean? When switching to a new mobile device, removing personal information from your old device may not be something that comes to mind.

Don't Let Hackers Take Over Your Smart Speaker
It seems like everything comes with the option to connect it to the internet—but many “smart” devices have weak cybersecurity, making them one of the most common ways you can get hacked.

Tips for Securing Your Home Network
A freshly-unboxed device, such as a new router, usually provides only basic cybersecurity protection, leaving your data—and if you are learning or working from home, NYU's data—vulnerable.

Web Browser Privacy: Take Advantage of Your Browser’s Built-In Safety Features
Paying attention to browser privacy settings and features is critical for your online security.Here are some steps you can take to help protect your privacy and security while browsing the web.

Protect Who You Are Online
Being a victim of identity theft can cause anxiety and frustration, but there are corrective and preventive steps you can take. The good news is there are more resources than ever before for victims of identity theft.

Data Breaches and Your Personal Data
Many major data breaches have been revealed in the last two years. In the worst breach of 2017 the personal data, including Social Security numbers, of 143 million people was stolen from Equifax, the credit reporting agency.

The Skinny on Short Links
Be mindful of the fact that the link shortening process masks the true destination URL and shortened URLs are often used by scammers to trick users into clicking malicious links.

Learn to Spot a Phony
Phone scams are a type of social engineering scam, which seek to trick often busy recipients into disclosing sensitive information or providing seemingly harmless responses to questions.

Phishing, Spear Phishing, and Whaling
Phishing scams use social engineering to target end users. There are variations of phishing, which have distinguishing features that may be categorized using terms such as spear phishing or whaling.

Under Lock and Passphrase
When it comes to passwords for your various online accounts and services, a best practice is to use a unique password for each.

Social Engineering Attacks and How You Can Protect Yourself
Social engineering is a method of psychological manipulation used to trick people into divulging confidential information. It is often used to gather secure information, commit fraud, or obtain system and even physical facility access.

Watering Hole Attacks
Information security discussions are plagued with bad analogies, and none sounds stranger than a “watering hole attack,” which plays off the tactic in which predatory animals stalk food by waiting at a popular watering hole.  Hackers are doing something very similar to gain access to systems that might otherwise be too well protected.

Research and Technology

High Performance Computing for the Simons Center for Computational Physical Chemistry
This new endeavor, with supercomputing power provided by NYU Greene and the HPC team, will help drive cutting-edge research in theoretical chemistry. Find out more about the Center's mission.

A Visit to the Barcelona Supercomputing Facility
Torre Girona chapel on the grounds of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia houses the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, one of the most unique settings in the world for a computing facility.

Soul of Reason: Archiving a Historic 1970s Black and Latinx Radio Program
NYU's Digital Library Technology Services is digitizing and captioning decades' of episodes of the Soul of Reason broadcast, hosted by former Tuskegee Airman and NYU Professor Dr. Roscoe Brown, Jr.

DETER Tracks Touch: A Coronavirus Study
NYU researchers Debra Laefer and Thomas Kirchner sent their research team to track touch behavior near medical facilities and the potential for COVID-19 transmission.

Brooklyn Like You've Never Seen It Before
NYU's Debra Laefer expands on her Dublin LiDAR map with a scan of Sunset Park. Learn more about the project and how the maps and LiDAR technology can be used in everything from archaeology to urban planning.

NYU Holodeck: One Step Closer to Star Trek Tech
NYU IT high performance computing specialists Robert Pahle and Stratos Efstathiadis discuss the Holodeck, an ambitious shared virtual environment.

Black Lives Matter, Racism, and Data
As equal rights and social justice protests spread this past year, the NYU Data Services team asked how data can contribute to confronting racism.

Vintage Texts, Modern Tech: How NYU Digitally Preserves the Past
Digital Library Technology Services is at the forefront of digitizing and archiving rare materials for scholars. From Arabic books to a photo history of the Village, here's a look at what they do.

What’s that Noise? SONYC Analyzes the Sounds of NYC
New York is a loud place. The Sounds of New York project uses machine learning to analyze the cacophony of city life to better understand how it affects health and how to mitigate its impact.

Updates on NYU Digital Library Technology Services Research and Grants
The Digital Library Technology Services (DLTS) initiative to explore how to more closely align the Git hosting platforms with the needs of academics, and how library information sciences (LIS) professionals can archive and make accessible the scholarship and scholarly ephemera hosted on these platforms.  

Mapping the Design of Rice
The rice of the future must be cultivated using less water, less land, and under severe environmental stresses. Mapping the rice genome is a step toward attaining these goals.

An App That Translates Voice and Sign Language
A team of students from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering recently built a prototype mobile app that translates spoken words into sign language, as part of Verizon's Connected Futures challenge.

A Photographic History of Washington Square
Did you know there was a time when the NYU Physics Lab was heated by a potbelly stove in the middle of the classroom? Or that the majority of the University was at one time contained in a single building?

New Services in Research Data Management and Planning at NYU Libraries
Research data management has received considerable attention in recent years given new guidelines for federal agencies regarding access and sharing of funded data creation.

Trees Count: Using GIS to Analyze New York’s Urban Ecosystem
Although they can get lost in the shadows, New York City contains a lot of trees,and those trees play a vital role in the urban ecosystem far beyond the obvious contribution of beautification. 

Using Technology to Analyze Political Expression across Continents
During this past semester, teams of students in New York and Buenos Aires archived murals, graffiti, performances, and installations in selected neighborhoods of the two cities, using tablets and GIS software.

NYU Tries to "Hack" Ebola
In early November of 2014, members of the NYU community came together to see if their creative thinking could help “hack” the Ebola outbreak and provide government leaders and health professionals with new solutions for containing the disease’s spread.

3D Printing and Scanning

Virtual Dental Museum: Historical Artifacts Go Digital
Find out more about LaGuardia Studio's work with NYU School of Dentistry's Dr. Andrew Spielman to scan and render hundreds of historical dental artifacts.

Using 3D Scanning and Printing to Study the History of Human Movement
With handheld scanners and the LaGuardia Studio's detailed 3D printing capabilities, NYU researcher Scott Williams creates replicas of ancient fossils and helps anthropology research continue during the pandemic.

Using 3D Printed Models for Infant Cleft Palate Surgery Training
NYU Langone's Dr. Pradip R. Shetye is using 3D printed models to train students to perform infant cleft palate surgery. Find out about the program and 3D printing's expanding role in medical science.

Reduce, Reuse, Reprint: Turning Plastic Waste into Filament
NYU Tandon's RePrint Bot team is working to reduce waste by building a machine that turns bottles and other plastic waste into 3D printing filament.

3D Printing and Maker Resources for NYU Langone Nursing Students
The field of nursing requires active, hands-on interactions with patients, which frequently call for new solutions to unique challenges.

3D Printing Materials for Submersible Vehicles
Syntactic foam is a substance that lends submersible vehicles both strength and buoyancy. Nikhil Gupta, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, has developed a filament that will enable the foam to be printed on standard commercial 3D printers.

Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Powtoon: Create Eye-Catching Videos and Animations with a New NYU Stream Tool
Get to know Powtoon, a cool new tool that enables you to create videos and custom animations and characters in NYU Stream, the University's streaming media service.

Insights Portal: Tools for Data-Driven Teaching and Learning
Use the Brightspace Insights Portal to enhance your analysis of things such as the effectiveness of your Brightspace course material and course structure—and make adjustments based on the data.

Open Education Resources for Faculty
OERs are teaching and learning materials published online, with licenses that allow instructors to revise, mix-and-match, and reuse them. Learn more about OERs at Bobst Library and how they can help lower course materials costs and support innovative teaching.

Student-Led Space Combines Tech and Design Thinking for Social Good
The Greenhouse at NYU’s MetroTech Center is an innovation space that, "aims to nurture seedlings of ideas and bring ideas to life through iteration and experimentation."

Technology and the Arts

Yiyao Nie: Technological Interactions Beyond the Screen
Artist and designer Yiyao Nie uses 3D printing and interactive media to explore the emotional aspects of how we engage with technology.

Meet NYU Game Center Alum, Winnie Song
Winnie Song is an NYU Game Center graduate, instructor, and independent video game designer who creates visually-rich gaming experiences.

ITP Winter Show 2019: Expanding the Boundaries of Art and Technology
The 2019 ITP/IMA Winter Show is a a two-day exhibition showcasing creative projects by Tisch’s undergraduate IMA and graduate ITP students. See some of the installations, learn more about the ITP/IMA program, and hear NYU President Andrew Hamilton's impressions of the event.

Mimi Yin: Dancing with Machines
During her fellowship with the Center for Ballet and the Arts, Tisch professor Mimi Yin explored the relationship between interactive media and improvised choreography. Yin’s artistic and professorial experience with interactivity and dance fueled the project.

Pontus Lidberg: AI’s Influence on the Future of Dance
Choreographer, filmmaker, and dancer, Pontus Lidberg, joined the Center for Ballet and the Arts (CBA) at NYU as a resident fellow during the spring 2019 semester, researching potential applications for artificial intelligence in dance.

Audio/Visual Resources at Bobst's Avery Fisher Center
Beginning in 2014, the Avery Fisher Center for Music and Media (AFC) began a phased move from the second floor of Bobst Library to the seventh floor as part of an ongoing floor-by-floor renovation project.

NYU Sydney Hosts Simulcast Screening of NYU Stonewall@50
To commemorate the Stonewall Uprising, and as part of NYU's Stonewall at 50, NYU Sydney embarked on a project which combines people and technology with the intention of showcasing how NYU's global locations can overcome geographical distances, participate in dialogue concerning issues important to the University, and honor the anniversary.

Unbreakable Makers: Summer ITP Camp
Hidden behind black curtains, cardboard, and a sea of wires, two campers are sitting in front of screens of various sizes. “Come in, come in — this will be a spaceship tomorrow!” they laugh as they continue connecting wires. This is ITP Camp, 12 hours before the end-of-camp show.

Technological Tunes in Steinhardt Summer Programs
The Summer Music Performance is the culmination of a program at the Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions that offers students an opportunity to learn about music technology, production, and performance.

Computerized Creativity and Commentary: The 2018 ITP Spring Show
An entire floor dedicated to artistic expression, technological advancement, and social commentary was open to the public when the NYU Tisch School of the Arts hosted their Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) show.

Digital Dérive: Off-Peak, the Norwood Suite, and the NYU Game Center
You’ve arrived at a train station. Where it is, who can say? What brought you here? That’s unclear. Maybe you’re searching for something, or running away from something. Maybe you just felt like wandering.

Tech Events, Careers, and History


Meet the Student Organizers of HackNYU 2022
Hear from three HackNYU 2022 student organizers about their experience helping to organize a hackathon with over 800 participants and find out what they’ve learned from running the events.

HackNYU 2022 Winners
This past February, hundreds of students from around the world gathered virtually to flex their intelligence and creativity during one of the biggest student-run hackathons. Here are some of the ideas they came up with.

Women in Technology Celebrate NYU Trailblazers
Join the WIT community in celebrating the impressive artistic and administrative accomplishments of Kitty Bridges, Jelena Kovačević, and Shelly J. Smith, three pioneering women in technology at NYU.

The Names and Science Behind the Turing Award
On June 15, 2019, NYU researcher Yann LeCun and two colleagues were presented with the 2018 Turing Award for their work in artificial intelligence. The award's namesake, Alan Turing, was a computing pioneer and is considered an icon of the LGBTQ movement.

Throwback: My 2nd Computer Was a UNIVAC I
The computer belonged to the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), now known as the Department of Energy, and was installed at NYU for use by the Courant Institute.

Exploring the Silicon City
From Morse to micro-computing, for much of the 20th century, New York City, its businesses, and its universities were home to the birth and development of computing and information technology.

VR, 3D Printing, and Storytelling at 2019 NYU Research Day
The 2019 Research Day showcased the ways data science and research technology can benefit students and instructors in nearly every field of academic study.

2018 Digital Humanities + Data
The 2018 DH+Data Day featured presentations by researchers in disciplines as diverse as journalism, food science, archiving, art, history, and sociology.

HackNYU 2019 Winners
Twenty-one projects took home awards in a field full of innovative, novel ideas that were developed over the 48 hours of the hackathon, which included 13 winners across the hackathon’s tracks and 11 awards from sponsors.

Meet HackNYU 2019 Student Co-Chair Srishti Sanya
Srishti Sanya is one of two student Executive Co-Chair for HackNYU 2019. Connect sat down with her (virtually!) to discuss how she became involved with the event and what she’s learned from it.

Hacking HackNYU: Co-Chair Eric Kwok Reflects on HackNYU 2018
Eric Kwok, one of the Co-Chairs of HackNYU 2018, reflects on what it takes to put together such a large event, some of his favorite projects, and why the diversity of HackNYU's team gives him hope for the future.

Create a Better NYU Hackathon
For over 24 hours in early December, NYU students, professors and alumni got together to code and build apps, websites, or data visualizations at the “Create a Better NYU” Hackathon. Their assignment was to come up with technology-based ways to make life easier at NYU.

WIT: Empowering Women in Information Technology
There’s no shortage of media chatter about the scarcity of women graduating from science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) college programs and the low number of female workers pursuing careers in technology.

Coding at Work: Students Take the Lead in Creating Apps for NYU
Did you know that several NYU applications were developed by teams composed almost entirely of students? Learn more about the Student Tech Innovation Team (STIT) and the apps they're creating to benefit NYU.

Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s New York
"Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s New York" is a learning program that brings middle and high school students together with volunteers from NYU IT and Apple Inc. to help them learn educational and workplace skills.

Innovation at the NYU Poly Prototyping Fund Showcase
NYU’s Polytechnic School of Engineering (SoE) Prototyping Fund Showcase is a collaborative program offered by the Greenhouse at NYU Polytechnic SoE (sponsored by a VentureWell grant) and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute. It’s one of an increasing number of innovation showcases occurring across the University.