Summer 2023

Your “Data” Is Worth More than You Might Think. Learn How to Protect It

Take NYU’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training, and learn how to protect your stuff and avoid cyber attacks, which could lock you out of EVERYTHING! Financial systems, your dorm access, your research, Brightspace, email, file storage, Wi-Fi, medical equipment—you get the idea. You have a lot to lose. Lock it down before they lock you out.

The LaGuardia Student Tech Center Is Getting a Makeover

The LaGuardia STC and Computer Lab is closed while it undergoes construction. The Third North STC is open. Check out the STC page for hours, updates, and more.


Have a Visitor? Get Them an NYU Guest Wi-Fi Account

Are you hosting a guest and want them to be able to connect to NYU Wi-Fi? The NYU Wi-Fi Guest Sponsor Portal enables you to set up access in just a few minutes.

Minerva Tantoco standing behind a lectern

A New Version of NYU VPN Software

An update to the NYU VPN (Cisco Secure Client) for Mac and Windows will automatically install the first time you log into the service after Thursday, July 6. This update doesn’t involve any changes to the way you use the service.

Where Can I Get NYU WI-Fi Outside?

OK, yeah, summer in New York has the occasional hot, humid day, but when the weather is nice and you want to do a little work in the great outdoors, these are the spaces where you can connect to NYU Wi-Fi outside.


Introducing Changes to NYU Google Workspace Services

Google has announced that they are no longer providing free unlimited storage for Email, Drive, and Photos to educational institutions. This requires NYU, and many other institutions like ours, to make changes to the way we use Google services and store information. Learn more.