Getting Started with Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility is the practice of ensuring that websites, applications, and digital content can be used by our community who have a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, or cognitive abilities. Explore tips, advice, tutorials, and more.

Creating Digitally Accessible Brightspace Course Content

Learn how to build accessible Brightspace course materials, including syllabi, slides, course readings, and websites.

Training: Reusing Brightspace Course Content for Fall

Join a training session via Zoom on July 18 at 1pm ET for tips on copying content from a previous course site into a new course.

NYU IT Website: How-Tos, Info, and Tech Tips

Have a question about a service? Need instructions or tips? Want to know everything that's available to you as an NYU community member? Check out the NYU IT website for tutorials, videos, guides, and more.

Introducing Zoom Whiteboard

Whiteboard is a new feature that enables you to collaborate, in or outside of a Zoom session, with colleagues using a digital drawing board similar to the ones often found in meeting rooms. Find out more and start brainstorming.

NYU VPN: Keep Your Connection Secure While Traveling

Taking a trip this summer? Or going out in your own town? Use NYU VPN to protect your data with a more secure Wi-Fi connection in hotels, Airbnbs, restaurants and cafes, and other spots.