Top Troubleshooting Tips for Tech Services

Find answers to commonly-asked questions about some of NYU’s most-used tech services, including resetting forgotten or expired passwords, connecting to NYU Wi-Fi, setting up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Duo Push, and more.

Malwarebytes: Free Anti-Malware Software for  Personal Computers

Computers connecting to NYU's networks are required to have anti-malware software installed. Download an NYU-provided version of Malwarebytes for free!

Don't Lose Email, Brightspace, and More: Update Your MFA

If you use "Call Me" for Multi-Factor Authentication, you need to switch to Duo Push now or you’ll lose access to many important NYU services. Here's what to do.

Faculty: Expand Your NYU Brightspace Knowledge

Now that you've had a chance to use Brightspace, you may want to learn more. Check out Brightspace training videos in NYU Stream and learn about Assignments, Gradebook, content building, and more.

Powtoon: Create Videos and Animations in NYU Stream

Get to know Powtoon, a cool new tool that enables you to create videos and custom animations and characters in NYU Stream, the University's streaming media service.

NYU Engage: Find Student Clubs and Events

NYU Engage connects students with shared interests to events, clubs, and organizations. It's also where you get your Engage Event Pass, which some student events require.

NYU Wi-Fi Guest Portal: Have a Visitor Who Needs Wi-Fi?

You can now quickly sponsor a guest for temporary access to NYU Wi-Fi using the new Guest Portal. It takes just a few minutes, improves security, and eliminates the need to call the Service Desk.

Photoshop? Accounting? Physics? Poetry? There's a LinkedIn Learning Course for That

LinkedIn Learning offers over 16,000 courses, from short tutorials to in-depth programs, for just about every subject you can imagine. Check back often to pick up a new skill or refine one you already have.