Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Keep NYU Cyber Safe

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but cybersecurity is a year-round partnership that includes the entire NYU community. Read NYU Global Chief Information Security Officer Maria Suarez's thoughts about the importance of cybersecurity and what we can do to remain cyber secure throughout the year.

Get Savvy about Public Wi-Fi

Public wireless networks are everywhere, but many aren't secure. Watch this video for tips on what to avoid (like anything involving your credit card).

Fight the Phish

We're all targeted every day by fake emails and malware. Don't join the millions who've been hacked. This video will show you examples so you'll know what to avoid.

Social Media Oversharing

Whether it's answers to common password recovery questions or your vacation schedule, what you post on social media can be like unlocking your door. Watch this video for tips on safer sharing.

Lock Down Your Login

Creating a strong passphrase can be a hassle...but it's a lot less painful than getting hacked and locked out of your accounts! Check out this video to learn how to pick a secure passphrase.


Recommendation: Don't Install macOS Monterey Yet

Symantec Endpoint Protection may not be compatible with the upcoming macOS Monterey, and the current version of NYU VPN may have a minor issue. Read NYU IT's guidance on when to install.

NYU Email and Chat Updates

Google has renamed Rooms to Spaces and announced additional future enhancements, including a revamped layout for your NYU and personal Gmail and Chat. Read Google's update to learn what's changing.