NYU Email Is Getting an Updated Look

Google is introducing a new look for NYU Email that lets you navigate your inbox, conversations, and Meet in the same window. You can activate the new look as soon as it's available or wait until it becomes the standard view in April.

Cybersecurity: Be Careful with That Free USB Stick

Loading USB sticks with malware and giving them out is a common form of cyberattack. Here's what to watch out for.

NYU Wi-Fi Tip: Make Sure You're on the 'nyu' Network

You may see several Wi-Fi options when you're on campus. Make sure to use nyu, the University's main network.

NYU IT Receives Sustainability Award

The NYU IT Sustainability Initiative was recognized by the Sustainable Purchasing and Leadership Council with an Outstanding Case Study Award at their recent 2021 Leadership Awards.

A Faster Way to Create Google Groups

The new NYU Google Groups mailing list request form now enables you to make a request for a new group and have it created in under 30 minutes. This streamlined process is the first of many NYU IT Service Excellence and Digitalization program initiatives. We welcome your ideas for future enhancements.

Manage Your Digital Day: Schedule NYU Email Messages

It's kind not to send people email at unusual hours and to be aware of the many time zones NYU operates in. Use the "Schedule Send" feature to send messages at a specific time or date.

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NYU IT Service Desk is available 24x7. Please email if not urgent.

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