Get the New Version of NYU Zoom, Now Featuring Automatic Updates

Check the Zoom app on your computer for the latest update—so you never have to again! Select "Fast" updates and your app will silently auto-update with the latest security patches and new features.

Faculty Training Event: Finalizing Your NYU Brightspace Gradebook

Join the NYU LMS team on Dec. 15 or Dec. 21 for a training session that will cover grading assignments and quizzes, finalizing the gradebook, and submitting final grades.

Tools for Online Test Taking and Assessments

Do you have a test or project to submit or administer online? NYU schools handle assessment, including administering and taking tests, in a variety of ways. Here are some of the options your school may use.

NYU Print Service: Take Control of Your Print Job enables you to send a doc to certain public NYU printers and select options like color and two-sided printing. Find a full list of features and printer locations in NY and many (but not all) global locations on the Print Service page.

Don't Let Hackers Take Over Your Smart Speakers

It seems like everything comes with the option to connect it to the internet—but many “smart” devices have weak cybersecurity, making them one of the most common ways you can get hacked. Here are some steps you can take to make your devices more secure.

Find Out Which Online Services Require NYU VPN from Off-Campus

Some services, research tools, and databases can only be accessed from the NYU network. See the full list of services and learn how to access them using NYU VPN.

Avoid Gift Card Scams This Holiday Season

Types of gift card scams can include imposters pretending to be the IRS, your mortgage lender, or others who demand gift card payments, as well as magstripe readers or bots that steal card info and balance information. Find out how to avoid these tricks.

Symantec Now Available for macOS Monterey

The latest version of Symantec has been updated to work with macOS Monterey. Don't have Symantec? It's now simple to download directly from NYUHome's Antivirus and Malware card.