April 2023

Check Your Tech: Making the Connection Between Tech and Sustainability

We rely on tech, but what we use and the ways we use it impacts our planet. There are many ways you can use tech more sustainably. In support of NYU 2040 Now, check out these sustainable tech tips and learn what NYU and NYU IT are doing to help the University achieve its sustainability goals.

Digital Storage Spring Cleaning

How much you store in the cloud impacts greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some quick ways to join the NYU community in spring cleaning your storage.

Sustainable Printing Tips

Last year, nearly 6 million sheets of paper were used by Print Service printers—and that's only a portion of NYU's paper consumption. Get tips for greener printing.

Recycle Your Tech Stuff: Using NYU's Technoscrap Bins

Electronics can't be thrown in the trash or a regular recycling bin. Learn more about using the University's technoscrap recycling locations and the kinds of things that can go into them.

DocuSign: Go Digital, Stop Signing Paper

DocuSign is an electronic signature tool designed to streamline consent, authorization, enrollment forms, purchase orders, and contract agreements. It supports NYU’s sustainability mission by reducing our reliance on paper.

NYU 2040 Now Events

Sustainability panels, art exhibits, e-waste recycling pop-ups, concerts—there's a lot happening April 17-21, in-person and online. Take a look at the NYU Events Calendar and make your plans.