The main sources for NYU IT news are the monthly Download newsletter and the IT Security News and Alerts Blog. This page provides supplementary announcements between issues of the newsletter or about certain service changes that may be of interest but don't impact a large number of community members.

Spring 2023

It's Now OK to Install macOS Ventura. NYU IT services are now compatible with macOS Ventura, so it’s OK to update your Mac. (You may want to check on the compatibility of any non-NYU apps you use.)

Missing website?
That’s because Google retired classic Sites on Jan. 1, 2023. Still need your NYU Site? No need to panic—it’s safe! Learn what happened and how to quickly republish your Site.

Fall 2022

Is your classic NYU Site locked?
That’s because Google is retiring classic Sites. Visitors can view your classic Site until Jan. 1, 2023. That day, classic Sites will be unpublished and automatically migrated to new Sites, where you can update, retire, and/or republish it so visitors can view it again.

Summer 2022

Own a Classic NYU Site? Migrate It Before Dec. 1, 2022
Google is retiring classic Sites, which may affect your NYU Site. Learn how to tell if your site is impacted, and if so, how to migrate it to new NYU Sites or delete it before Dec. 1, 2022.

NYU Hangouts Classic (Google) Service Retirement on August 1, 2022
As the final step in NYU’s transition to NYU Meet (Google) and NYU Chat (Google) that started in 2020, the NYU Hangouts Classic (Google) service will be fully retired on August 1, 2022.
Saved chats and conversations in Hangouts Classic were automatically migrated to NYU Chat and NYU Email in December 2020, as described here. If you have unsaved conversations in NYU Hangouts Classic since that time, use Google Takeout to download a copy before they’re deleted on August 1, 2022.

Shortcuts Will Replace Certain Files and Folders in NYU Drive
Starting in July, Google will be replacing files and folders that are stored in multiple locations in NYU Drive (Google) with shortcuts. Access to files and folders won't change.

Spring 2022

New NYU Chat warnings for malicious links from people outside NYU

In NYU Chat (Google), you may start seeing banners warning against potential phishing and malware messages from people using a non-NYU Google account. (Chats between NYU Google accounts aren’t scanned.) The new warning banners can help protect you against malicious actors and keep data safe. Learn more.

Google's Storage Announcement and NYU's Plan

Read up on Google’s announced storage changes that may impact NYU in the future and how we’ll be working with representatives from across the University to design potential solutions to meet a wide range of perspectives and needs.

NYU VPN Update

An update to the Cisco AnyConnect software for Mac and Windows computers activated on Friday, February 25 at 8 PM ET. The update will automatically be installed the next time you open Cisco AnyConnect. This update doesn’t involve any changes to the way you use the service nor require any action. It also doesn’t impact the Cisco AnyConnect mobile app.

NYU Email: An Updated Look Beginning February 2022

Google will be rolling out a new three-panel browser layout for your NYU Email. The update, which begins in February, will initially be opt-in. It will become the standard view after April. The new sidebar allows you to easily switch between your inbox, Chat and Spaces conversations, and Meet without having to switch tabs or open a new window. For more information, see this post on Google's Workspace Updates blog.