NYU IT has recently completed a reorganization. For more information visit the NYU IT Departments page and the NYU IT Reorganization 2022 page.

portrait of David Ackerman

Don Welch

Vice President for Information Technology and Global University CIO

portrait of Kitty Bridges

Kitty Bridges

Interim Chief Information Security Officer, Global Office of Information Security (GOIS)


portrait of Jeff Capuano

Jeff Capuano

Associate Vice President, Global Infrastructure and Operations (GIO) and
Interim Lead, User Success

Arshi Chaudhry

Arshi Chaudhry

Associate Vice President, Project Management Office (PMO)


portrait of Angela Chen

Angela Chen

Senior Associate Vice President, Institutional Solutions Group (ISG) and
Interim Lead, Enterprise Architecture & Privacy

portrait of Ben Maddox

Ben Maddox

Associate Vice President, Research & Instructional Technology (RIT) and Chief Academic Technology Officer

portrait of Nelya Zonis

Nelya Zonis

Chief Operating Officer, Office of the CIO (OCIO)