NYU IT units support hundreds of technology resources and tens of thousands of technology users across the University. Below is a brief description of the responsibilities of each department.

On this page: Global Infrastructure and Operations (GIO) | Global Office of Information Security (GOIS) | Institutional Solutions Group (ISG) | Office of the CIO (OCIO)Office of Global Privacy and Data Strategy (GPDS) | Project Management Office (PMO) | Research and Instructional Technology (RIT) | Global Service Management and User Success (GSM-US)

Global Infrastructure and Operations

Global Infrastructure and Operations (GIO) manages and supports a wide range of essential technology services, including a number of mission-critical University resources. GIO, in partnership with school and local IT teams, promotes and enables teaching and learning, research, and administrative work. Besides powering the daily operation of the University, GIO is a force for change and innovation.

Global Office of Information Security

The Global Office of Information Security (GOIS) provides a wide variety of services to the general NYU community that help minimize the risk of cybersecurity incidents. It is the GOIS' mission to protect NYU's computer network and the data that is transmitted over that network.

Institutional Solutions Group

The Institutional Solutions Group (ISG) aims to empower every member of the NYU community with simple, user friendly, secure, and easily accessible software and data management solutions. The group delivers best in class solutions that enable continual technology and process advancement in support of institutional goals and works effectively to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Office of the CIO

A new Office of the CIO (OCIO) enables NYU IT to more effectively deliver on its strategic goals and service objectives by coordinating internal governing and operational processes. The OCIO facilitates annual planning activities, develops strategic communication, drives organizational culture, guides the selection and implementation of accessible technologies, manages vendor contracts and relationships, provides space management, staff development, and support efforts.

Office of Global Privacy and Data Strategy

The Office of Global Privacy and Data Strategy (GPDS) team develops and maintains the standards and guidelines to drive effectiveness and consistency across NYU’s tools, systems, and data assets. The team works to simplify, modernize, and integrate NYU’s business processes, application, and data layers. It facilitates client decisions and establishes clear data governance that ensures privacy, access, and security of data.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) supports NYU IT and the greater NYU community by enabling adoption of new technologies and process changes. The PMO optimizes use of limited resources to deliver the greatest business value through the execution of programs and projects.

Research and Instructional Technology

Research and Instructional Technology (RIT) aligns with NYU’s institutional mission to transform lives and the world through excellence in research, teaching, scholarship, and community. Research and Instructional Technology, comprised of an integrated Research and Teaching/Learning team, undergirds that mission and commitment through innovative, robust technology, meaningful collaboration, and a creative, skilled team.

Global Service Management and User Success

The Global Service Management and User Success (GSM-US) organization reflects NYU IT’s deep commitment to users and their success. It focuses on delivering excellent, consistent, and cost effective service to the NYU Community. The Global Service Management and User Success team drives continuous service improvement efforts by actively seeking and acting on user feedback, managing rollouts of new services, service changes, and supporting service partners in service design and delivery.