Project Overview

As common as possible, as different as necessary

NYU IT, in collaboration with service centers across the University, is transforming the way NYU ServiceLink looks and operates from now through 2024. The ServiceLink Transformation project (known by many as zBoot) aims to improve the service center experiences and the service portal experience for the NYU community by creating a new platform that is “as common as possible, and only as different as necessary.”

NYU ServiceLink is a common ticketing system used by service centers, such as StudentLink, PeopleLink, FinanceLink, and IT groups, including NYU IT, to respond to inquiries and resolve issues reported by students, faculty, staff, and alumni. In addition, ServiceLink provides a service portal that includes knowledge articles and request forms for numerous services.

Starting in 2021, we partnered with a vendor to conduct over 30 discovery workshops with over 100 subject matter experts to understand current needs, future needs, pain points, and other opportunities. We are planning an iterative implementation approach, through which we will work with representatives from each service center to gather detailed requirements, test functionality, and engage, communicate, and train impacted stakeholders. We expect to transition every service center to the new environment over the next 18-24 months.

Business Drivers


Widespread Use of NYU ServiceLink

As a common ticketing and support system, ServiceLink is used by all three NYU campuses and many functional areas to support over 800 services for the University community. The ServiceLink platform improvements will streamline ticket creation and enable consistent handling for service centers, and provide a better service portal for the community to find and get help with services.


Frustrating Experience

Most service centers used customized versions of workflows designed for IT services. While necessary to meet the diverse business needs across NYU, these workflows and customizations have compounded the complexity over the years. The result has been a “slow and frustrating " system for service centers and a service portal that employees and students find confusing. The project will improve the service center experience with simpler workflows designed around their needs that are more responsive. Employees and students will also have a better service portal experience with a better view of relevant information and transparency in their open requests.


Modern Features Now Available

ServiceNow has evolved and includes many features that meet our needs. Unfortunately, we have been unable to take advantage of these because of our current customizations. Upgrading the ServiceNow platform will enable our technology teams to deploy out-of-the-box functionality that will be easier to maintain and deploy.


Our project goals align with NYU IT’s Strategic goal to “Reduce Complexity and Promote Simplicity” by using newer out-of-the-box features and workflows to:


  • Launch a streamlined service portal that will enable self-service opportunities
  • Deliver a modern service center staff experience
  • Enable non-IT service centers to use workflows better suited to their needs
  • Reduce customizations significantly

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of key leaders from service centers across the University. The Steering Committee supports the program goals by providing leadership support and resources from the service centers, and guidance to mitigate risks and engaging the university community.





Spring 2023

  • We continue platform configurations.
  • We are planning specific organizational change management activities to prepare PeopleLink, HR, HRIS, and Payroll teams for the transition.
  • Prepare the Campus Safety teams for upcoming detailed requirements gathering and organizational change management planning.
  • Partner with Campus Services and StudentLink to conduct requirements gathering

Summer 2023

  • Transition the following groups to the new NYU ServiceLink environment: PeopleLink, HR, HRIS, Payroll, Campus Safety, and Campus Services.
  • Begin requirements gathering with FinanceLink.

Fall / Winter 2023

  • Transition StudentLink groups to the new NYU ServiceLink environment.
  • Begin requirements gathering with Facilities Management, Distributed IT Operations, and the various IT groups using the IT Service Management processes.

Spring / Summer 2024

  • FinanceLink, Facilities Management, and Distributed IT Operations will transition to the new NYU ServiceLink environment.

Fall 2024

  • Transition the various IT groups to the new NYU ServiceLink environment.

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