As reflected in NYU IT's Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Core Beliefs, we are dedicated to actively partnering in the University's success by providing a broad range of technical services for our diverse community of students, faculty, staff, and researchers.  NYU IT also proudly leads a wide range of technical projects that advance the University's unparalleled research, teaching, and learning successes. Read on for a selection of current projects and initiatives.

IT Sustainability

In support of NYU’s commitment to sustainability, NYU’s IT Sustainability Initiative pursues projects and establishes processes to decrease IT’s carbon footprint. Projects include decommissioning of unused network infrastructure, softphone implementations, hardware device reduction, and creation of IT Sustainability Guidelines for the NYU community. The Initiative also remains aligned with the University’s strategic priorities and cost-saving efforts, and continues to evaluate and seek opportunities that further sustainability.


The NYU IT Global Office of Information Security (GOIS) provides a wide variety of services to the NYU community that help minimize the risk of a cybersecurity incident and protect NYU's computer network including the data that is transmitted over that network. Some of the critical projects in NYU IT's current cybersecurity portfolio are the expansion of Cybersecurity Awareness Training with KnowBe4, Implementation of Email Impersonation Prevention, Plan and Implement Managed Detect Response (MDR) Services, Develop Cybersecurity Policy Framework, NAC with AI/Artificial Intelligence (Stealthwatch), and GRC Tool Implementation (Galvanize).

Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility ensures that NYU websites, web applications, and digital content meet federal regulations and can be used by those in our community who have a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, or cognitive abilities. NYU IT's current Digital Accessibility project portfolio includes Web Publishing, ServiceLink Upgrade, remediation for pre-existing content and newly-created content across schools and units, and reinforcement by awareness training across schools and units.

New Data Center

NYU is pursuing a strategy to eliminate Manhattan-based data centers, which are costly to maintain and often occupy expensive real estate space that could be used for academic purposes. Reducing the footprint of data centers in Manhattan will result in significant cost savings on space cooling and electricity. A new state-of-the-art data center, linked to a new high-speed, low-latency research network, has been designed to meet the growing research computing needs. This new data center will also eliminate redundant equipment, which will result in improved energy efficiency and contribute to the University's sustainability efforts. NYU's current New Data Center (New Colo/Data Center Strategy) portfolio includes the Research Computing Data Center (RCDC) Buildout.

Enhanced High Performance Computing

In support of researchers and scholars whose work requires computer-intensive processing, NYU IT is greatly expanding its high performance computing (HPC) capacity. This includes the installation of two new supercomputers, Greene and Hudson, offering a variety of research software packages and the option to purchase additional data storage space beyond the standard allocation associated with all HPC accounts. Enhanced HPC resources will also take advantage of the University's new high-speed, low-latency research network. Projects currently making use of enhanced HPC offerings include artificial intelligence, big data analytics, HPC archival storage, and a pilot program that enables HPC tasks to leverage additional cloud-based processing resources.

Data Management

NYU IT provides a collection of practices and processes which help ensure the formal management of data assets within the NYU organization. Projects in NYU's current Data Management portfolio include Authoritative Institutional Data Assets (AIDA), Configuration Management Database (CMDB), and support of the University Senior Leadership Information Portal.

Identity Access Management (IAM)

Projects in NYU's current IAM portfolio include badging and the redesign and replatforming of the NYU Login page and NYU Start Page. These critical, foundational systems manage University identity data including passwords, affiliations, and single sign-on access to restricted systems. Enabled by the work of multiple teams, the migration of these systems onto modern platforms enables essential security enhancements and streamlined integrations.

Global Infrastructure

Global IT Infrastructure manages enterprise IT environments and supports the entire University in many ways. Key current Global Infrastructure projects show the range and depth of this team’s work. In-process projects in this portfolio include: explore Virtual Computer Lab for BYOD, establish standard AV space (modular design), NYU IT application impact analysis, email gateway (Solaris to Google Cloud), and secure remote desktop and telework.

Learning Management System (LMS)

NYU recently selected a new learning management system (LMS) for the University to replace our current LMS. The new platform will maximize the efficiency of course management, meet the needs of both degree and non-degree programs (in-person, blended and online), integrate more easily with third-party tools, and facilitate innovative pedagogy at the course and program level while maintaining digitally accessibility across NYU’s global locations. This portfolio also includes Learning Analytics services and tools.

Refresh Wi-Fi and Systems

In order to deliver a faster, more reliable wireless network and meet the increasing demands placed on such a service, NYU IT has undertaken a large-scale research-and-refresh project. This includes fast-tracking upgrades to existing wireless access points and infrastructure. Progress can be monitored on the Upgrading Wireless in NYU Buildings web page.


The NYU IT NextGen Program will improve NYU IT’s delivery of information technology solutions to the NYU Community with new methods, tools, and processes that enable us to simplify and deliver higher-quality solutions with improved reliability in a more timely manner. This Program aims to modernize NYU’s aging IT infrastructure—covering both on-premise and cloud service offerings to the NYU community—by reducing existing technology footprints and operating costs and creating efficiencies by shutting down Manhattan-based data centers. Projects in NYU's current NextGen portfolio include Infrastructure Modernization Initiative (IMI), NYU IT Application Impact Analysis (AIA), Application Portfolio Rationalization and Optimization (APO) Recommendations, Cloud Security Model, School SDC Server Migration, and the NextGen Disaster Recovery Solution for Applications/Services.