The NYU Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation is responsible for advancing strategic global inclusion, belonging, and innovation initiatives across the University’s global network. We consult, provide leadership, and work to strengthen policies and structures to help NYU become a more diverse and inclusive institution. Our goal is to create a community that fosters and engages the rich intellectual diversity and research of our students, faculty and staff/administrators. We work to create an inclusive global community where our differences enrich all of our academic, social, and administrative bodies. Through our work we aim to prepare students, faculty, and staff/administrators to thrive.

Students walking on street.

Our Mission

Establish and sustain a thriving inclusive global community that supports, fosters and engages the research and intellectual curiosity of our diverse students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni.

Our Vision

We are a dynamic global community where inclusion and academic excellence are interdependent. Our teaching, pedagogy, research, and emerging leadership creates and promotes globally relevant productions of new knowledge to prepare our students for a diverse, complex, and ever-changing world.